Don't buy their rehtoric and their adds ... they have nbo sense of loyality ... after 25 years of paying insurance premiums and fees, investing with them, using their cards, etc, they did EVERYTHING in their power to deny my claim for hail damage.  Good thing I have lawyers who work for me.  I wouldn't p!$$ on USAA if it were on fire.  Flee to GEICO, your local credit union, other low-cost level-term life insurance.  I wish USAA nothing but ill will, and I can't wait to take them to court, file my grievance with my state regualtory agency, and tell all my employees that I will no longer refund their travel expenses if they use a personal USAA credit card for them (BTW, that's about 10K a month).  SCREW USAA!


Is it really legal to not refund an employee's travel expenses based on their personal banking choices? You might want to walk back some of your diatribe. 

Really!  I never have had a claim with USAA, but I can tell you, in my area my neighbors are paying over double for homeowners.  Additionally,  hail damage is a scam that roofers will come to your house, to give you a new roof whether you need it or not at the expense of the insurance company.  I and others I know have been approached with this scam.  Of course, if your claim was legite than you have a right to complain. 

in a car accident that was experienced, USAA was acting very cheap and started giving issues about compensating correctly for the samage on the car. 


had a pipe burst and they started coming out with "oh well, we actually do not compensate for this or that" and started minusing on costs and expenses


i am starting to find out that they are just banking on the commerodery and fact that we are or were military and tailor their addsto  make you feel good. in the longrun, it does not seem to be a good deal at all.