Leave FOX News NOW!

USAA Leadership Team:


I don't watch FOX news and especially Tucker Carlson. So, I was embarrassed to learn that USAA was supporting them.


FOX and Carlson supported the insurrection on January 6th, maintains and promotes the "big lie," and but for a hero like General Milley, we would be under the thumb of a bloated orange narcissistic dictator. Carlson's comments clearly identify that organization as a danger to democracy and our troops.


USAA must cease advertising on FOX immediately!


MAJ James Lierow Jr.



30+ year member of USAA

Son of SGM James Lierow (I am glad that he has passed and can't see this country now.)

Brother of LTC Jerry Lierow (Deceased) and long-time member.

Brother of CPT Jeffrey Lierow

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Well said. I have been a proud member of USAA since 1968. I am a combat-decorated Vietnam vet who is utterly disgusted that USAA is sponsoring a vile trust-fund, pampered, non-vet scum like Tucker Carlson. My pride in being a USAA member is being sorely tested.

Well said. USAA should in no way be sponsoring anyone who continues to spread lies. Showing disrespect for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is yet one more example of how far some will go to promote their hateful agenda. I have been with USAA for over 40 years and find it extremely troubling that the organization would continue to sponsor anyone like Tucker Carlson.

I could not have said it better.  Like many other members, I'll switch to a different insurance company if USAA does not drop it's support for Tucker "Totally Off the Rails" Carlson and the Fox News pig wallow.


Walt in Colorado

Tucker Carlson is a hero!


Demagogues who demonize soldiers/sailors and airmen based upon their skin color do not belong in the military.