On April 15, 2014 a USAA insured driver ran a red light and hit my car while my son was driving it.  Since USAA received the Prince William County police report indicating that this driver received a cititation for running a red light I have not heard from USAA.  I informed USAA, by telephone, that I needed a rental car.  I am borrowing someone's car. NO RESPONSE.  I paid towing bills out of my pocket and asked for reimbursement from USAA. NO RESPONSE.  I have a smashed car sitting in my driveway that I need an estimate on. NO RESPONSE.  My son also has personal injury.  I am just asking USAA to provide me with the compensation I am entitled to -- my son and my property were the innocent victims of a USAA insured driver who ran a red light.


USAA needs to be responsive to you, the accident was not your fault!

Well kc9 g et a lawyer. Thats how I nsurance compnies are run the country and everybodys eleses lives but thet wa nt to pay out if something happens. You have a policy talk to him or herxabout that.
KC9, I had the same exact situation with my daughter on 3/12. USAA put me in a rental the next day. A Claims Rep called me and got everything rolling. They totalled my car and paid it off within 3 weeks. This is my 2nd time using the claims service in 3 yrs. A tree fell across the hwy the 1st time and caused $10,000 in damages. I got a rental and had my SUV back in about 2 1/2 weeks. It will work out for you.

Not to be rude, but you're not USAA's customer.   USAA has to work with their customer to settle a claim.   Your car insurance company should be helping you, and they should be dealing with USAA for you.   When USAA pays the claim your car insurance will recoup anything they have advanced you or paid for on your behalf. 


If both you and the other driver have USAA you can both open claims with USAA and they will coordinate them, but if you have X and the other driver has USAA you should be working with X so they can work with USAA. 


Just because the other driver recieved a traffic citation does not mean they were at fault, the outcome of the Court case for that traffic citation is very important.