Does anyone know if USAA members still get discounted packages for La Cantera since the switch from Westin? We used to stay during the summer for a discounted three day package.


Is this only limited to USAA employees or is it available to all USAA members? I visited the link and it requests that the "membership" card is presented at check in.

Crissy E,


This is for all members. I can check with our member services department to see what can be used upon check in, thanks!



Were you able to determine if the La Cantera offer is indeed available to USAA members?  Thank you.

Hi MadDingo!


Yes, this is available to all USAA members.

Hi.  So the link that is listed shows rooms for $125.  What type of proof do USAA members need to provide when checking in?  It says you need to provide some type of card.


Thank you.

Also, it says employees not members.  Do members get a different discount?



We do apologize for the confusion on this matter. After speaking directly with Member Services, it does seem that this discount only pertains to USAA employees, not members. Again, we apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Thank you all for commenting in Community.

We are pleased to introduce a unique page that offers USAA members exclusive discounts to the La Cantera Resort and Spa. The discounts fluctuate depending on time of year and are exclusive to USAA members only. The website is