I recently switched all my accounts from Bank of America. They have a program where, when using debit card, they round up purchases to next dollar amount, And, deposit "loose" change in your savings. Great way for customers to save a little change. Just a suggestion for better customer service.


I second that idea. I used to bak at BoA as well and liked that feature.

I third this! Would go very far in helping us with our budget & goal tools we use!

Definitely agree!
Please offer this service USAA
Yes, please! This would be awesome!

Thank you all for your comments. I have shared your feedback with our banking partners.

Love USAA and would appreciate this feature. Microsaving is a quick, effortless way to grow savings without realizing it or even missing that loose change.

I would love too see this as well. There are apps that will do it but I don't really want them to have access to my accounts would prefer direct through USAA

Agreed! This would be a great program to implement. :-)


This thread is being shared, so your feedback is being seen. Thank you all!