I faithfully pay my monthly insurance bill but I have come to know that USAA insurance does not offer you a piece of mind as it should. I have had at least 3 incidents that I have put in claims and received no help. They give you these very high deductibles that leave you feeling helpless and because of that they can sleep at night, knowing you have paid them 5 times over the cost of your damage and they don't have to help you. I feel very ripped off. If you do not have USAA please save yourself the trouble. Go to an insurance company that will actually give you a piece of mind.


Unhappy Customer 1,

Thank you for participating in the Member Community, even though I wish it was under a happier circumstance.   Based on your comments about your deductible, I have contacted a subject matter expert and asked that they contact you personally to alleviate your concerns.  Thanks, Mike