I'm clicking along on USAA and suddenly, I'm in ETSY land. I've heard about ETSY, but want to know more and keep clicking and they seem to be intertwined. Are they? Then I'm looking at products and see a t-shirt with a pro-illegal drug message for sale. Seems counter to Military family matters and out of place after I've read some about ETSY Ethics. Maybe I've got my wires crossed, but I don't want my grandchildren cruising the USAA site and finding a message like that. Am I just old and befuddled or is there anything to this? I was liking everything I was reading about ETSY till I got to that t-shirt. If that message is ok on ETSY, I'm in the wrong place. If ETSY is part of USAA, then how have I managed to miss the pro-drug messages for the last 46 years?


Hi 2 pt,


That is a very interesting question, and although I am thinking no - I did ask someone over in our bank to verify this. I will post here soon as soon as I hear back! :-)

It is not run by USAA.  Etsy is an online marketplace for people to sell their handcrafted, salvaged, or repurposed items.  (somewhat similar to Ebay, except with a more handcrafted-friendly environment)


You most likely "wandered" into Etsy because there was a series of articles in the member community discussing Etsy Entrepreneurship. [five-day series spotlighting military spouses and service members who are using Etsy to channel their creativity, build careers and overcome obstacles created by frequent moves.]


It's a glimpse into the lives of USAA members who choose to participate in Etsy.


My mother would use this as an excellent teaching example about not clicking on hyperlinks without checking the website you will be redirected.


If you are disappointed with the products that Etsy's independent sellers display for purchase, then you might enjoy sending Etsy a recommendation that they segment their online marketplace -- a kid-friendly version or an opt-out button for accountholders to reduce or remove displaying for-sale articles that are of a nature you deem offensive.  [although they would both take some significant programming/implementation and would likely take more than a year to put into place, so I suggest not expecting a month-long turnaround by Etsy]

  • (note: these sellers are not employees of Etsy, but rather people like you and I who are simply using an online website marketplace hosted by Etsy)


Hi 2 pt,


I did a bit of research and can verify that USAA has no affiliation with Etsy. Thank you for posting in the community.