Recently met with my wife's financial advisor to review budget, tsp, investments, insurance, etc to see where we are for retirement in the next 6-12 years. When told we have USAA it was like we had said we had an incurable disease "we can't even compete with them". Any time we've had a claim has always been positive in a usually stressful time.


This is why many comments on this community should be taken with a grain of salt.


MikeP, it sounds like you are satisfied with your USAA insurance experience. I am, as well, but I've only submitted two small claims under my membership (glass and towing) and never a renters, homeowners, rental property, or umbrella claim (not yet, thankfully.) My wife was satisfied with the service after a large, complex auto accident several years ago... her parents were not happy with the service of the claim.


Lastly, we are both super-satisfied with our banking relationship. We get better service than we ever got at the big brick-and-mortar banks, and USAA has all but bent over backwards to help us in awkward situations... raising our ATM withdrawal limit when we experienced a sudden need for cash; official checks shipped overnight; wire transfers when regular transfers have gone awry. If I could have done my mortgage through USAA (sadly, they do not lend for co-ops... a common occurence at banks) then I would have given them a look.


In my opinion, ratings sites and comment boards show the worst 5% of experiences and tout the best 5% of experiences. The satisfied 90% rarely comment.