currently have NO insurance through USAA! The 'system' won't allow any type of insurance to be issued until it finishes a process is what I'm being told. Up to 10 more days! So until then I need to seek insurance elsewhere. Quite superfluous of USAA to think I'd come back after having to go elsewhere for coverage. Too big to fail? Perhaps USAA won't fail under the current management but as of now it's not the great organization it once was. Saddens me the new generation of leadership is allowing USAA to bleed out long term members.


Dear member,

I apologize for the trouble you are experiencing. A member service specialist will be reaching out to you shortly. Thank you for posting!

There IS an impression held by many decades old USAA customers that we are being shoved aside and to other companies for what is apparently the new level of service from USAA. Since the huge expansion of USAA in recent years the new customers will not know what the service was like in the old USAA, so they wil have the impression that what they have from USAA now is "great service" but, clearly, in many respects the service is not what we long term members had become accustomed. THERE IS a definite difference regarding service quality between the pre-Robles USAA and the post-Robles USAA.