About a dozen years ago I received a note from my local Erie Insurance agent.  He suggested that I review my coverages and cost of coverage.  I called them and told them they were wasting their time because they could never beat USAA pricing.  I was wrong and they not only beat those rates but clobbered them.  Why?  First, USAA is international in scope confronting all types of natural hazards.  Erie is regional covering the mid states down to North Carolina.  Secondly, USAA has vastly expanded its clientele to groups that are higher in risk than military officers.  Erie carefully looks at risk before insuring.  One odd factor impacting my rates is that insurance sold by a Pennsylvania insurer to Pennsylvania residents is not subject to a 2% foreign insurance tax.  Some might question our experience in claims over the last dozen years.  We opened up almost immediately to an auto claim of over $40,000 - a result of a low speed auto crash into a commercial structure.  Erie handled it without any surcharge or question.  We have had storm damage to property and an auto over that period without any question.  We just had a hit and run cause damage to one of our vehicles without any claims problems.  In fact, while USAA is ranked near the top of insurance companies by Consumer Reports, Erie is also ranked just below.  Our insurance has stayed reasonable throughout this time and, actually, last year I requested a quote from USAA for coverage.  They could not touch our pricing from Erie.  My point is that a regional company like Erie can offer better pricing because of a variety of factors, including less natural hazard exposure and careful underwriting.  If we move outside of the Erie coverage area we will consider USAA, particularly since they are our primary depository.  We will also consider other regional carriers.


@jonsonk, I appreciate you sharing your experience with us about your current insurance carrier.  When the time comes to leaving Pennsylvania, we will be here ready to assist and answer your coverage questions and concerns.  Thank you again for trusting USAA with your other financial needs and we look forward to hearing from you down the road.  ~ Marco