Mark A Hebert

To whom it may concern:

I wanted to inform you that based on a previous message posted here I was contacted by Gloria Rodriguez (#[removed sensitive data]) and was severely disappointed by the response.  I received "there is nothing that can be done" and I refuse to accept that answer.  This is also to inform you that I have since submitted complaints with the state insurance commissions of LA and MS (complaint #P726680 and [removed sensitive data]).  Your company's policy unfairly disadvantages the very members you so quickly exploit in your commercials.  The policy - "To be eligible and receive a military discount, the member must reside in the state in which they are stationed" should be made absoutely clear to any client/potential client.  We are asked many questions in the process of obtaining a policy and the question "Do you reside in the state of your assigned duty station?" should be one of the first questions in dealing with military members if that is YOUR policy on how you will determine eligibility for an active duty military discount.  The reason USAA chooses to assign a military discount based on this reasoning has still not be made clear.  The state one chooses to reside in does not determine the status of their active duty.  Had I known I would not be eligible for this discount, I would not have chosen to remain with you as a provider, because it is too expensive without the discount.  It is the responsibility of your company to inform your clients/potential clients about these nuances - not mislead them with "be eligible until you are no longer active".  Below you will find a chat session I had with your representative that made no effort to do so.  Additionally, you make many claims about understanding military life, but this is a clear example where your policy is in complete contradiction.  Even if my case, or residing in a different state than my assigned duty station, were an anomaly (which there are many duty stations across the military that are near state lines and my situation surely cannot be the one-off), this policy unfairly disadvantages service-members who are required to be geo-bachelors as they, under the terms of your policy, would not be eligible for a discount on  vehicles that remained in a state they are not assigned to.  So not only do they have to be separated from their family, your policy requires them to shift companies or pay higher premiums.  This is an absolute injustice.  To have spent weeks trying to regain contact and only receive a response, "there is nothing can be done" is outrageous.  The policy can be evaluated and changed (if you really had service member interests in mind), you could add this requirement to questionaire to ensur no ambiguity, your could add in fine print on your misleading commercials that active discount based on residence in state of assigned duty station, you could train your representatives ensure they ask that question, you could not assign policies until AFTER determination of discounts.  There is plenty your company could do if it was truely willing.  While I have not done so, I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, MWR offices, and local/national media and consumer protection agencies in addition to my complaints.  After 15 years of being with your company, the best that has gotten me is "there is nothing I can do" when clearly there is so much more even if it was small gestures.  It may not have kept my business, but it certainly wouldn't have forced my hand to such measures.


Begin CHAT conversation:

may be asking you

additional questions throughout our chat today to ensure that I service your account

accurately today, okay?

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( 2m 53s ) MARK A HEBERT: That's fine

( 3m 44s ) Alyssa R: Wonderful, Now just to confirm you are inquiring about the

delivery method of your orders for the Active Military Personnel Discount, correct?

( 4m 23s ) MARK A HEBERT: Yes

( 4m 53s ) Alyssa R: And you mentioned you have not yet received them correct?

( 5m 51s ) MARK A HEBERT: That is correct - I have been on travel and going

through all the mail I found my change of policy but no paperwork for the active

military personnel discount

( 8m 47s ) Alyssa R: Got it, if you have a copy of your current orders, you are able to

mail, fax and or upload the documents to USAA.com and the discount will apply to

your insurance.

( 9m 34s ) MARK A HEBERT: Ok - can do. Do I need to notify someone once they are


( 10m 24s ) Alyssa R: No sir, once you upload them you should be all good to go! Just

keep an eye on your discounts within the week, our back office should view the

documents and apply the discount (:

( 10m 57s ) MARK A HEBERT: Great, I'll jump on that now

( 11m 9s ) MARK A HEBERT: It will apply for the this 6 month period correct?

( 12m 12s ) Alyssa R: This discount will apply up until you are no longer active.

( 12m 22s ) MARK A HEBERT: Great thank you.

( 12m 27s ) Alyssa R: Of course! Together we confirmed the methods in getting the

discount document to USAA, I believe that this is all that you mentioned needing help

with, but before we disconnect our chat I want to make sure I've handled everything

you contacted me for and answered all of your questions. Is there anything else I can

do to make sure I've done those things for you today?

( 12m 42s ) MARK A HEBERT: That will be it

( 12m 51s ) Alyssa R: Great! You are welcome! Thank you again for chatting with

USAA Auto Insurance today. I truly appreciate your service to our country and

membership with USAA. Have a wonderful afternoon and Happy Thanksgiving! Take



Hi @Mark A Herbert, thank you for taking the time to share this with us. I understand your concerns and I am going to forward this to a specialist for additional review. They will reach out to you as soon as possible. Thank you. -Marisa