Howdy!  I was under the impression that family of military members/former military members were eligible for insurance plans through USAA, however, when I attempt to get a quote, it's saying I am not eligible..... ???  Anyone have a clue as to why?  It gives me a list of a few possible reasons.........  


without being linked to a service members account- the only thing you are able to do is get life insurance. if you have a family member in the service or was in the service- they have to have an account with usaa to make you eligible. Ive got some family members I could use to get me eligibility- but for now I just have the life insurance also :)


A parent can make a child eligible if the parent has established their membership with an auto or property insurance policy at some point, even if not currently active. I hope this information is helpful. Thank you for reaching out in Community.