My husband & I are part of our family's 2nd out of 5 generations, totaling well over 100 family members. We remember when USSA was for Car Insurance only & you had to have a rank high enough to join!! We've never had any complaints or major problems with our service. But they have been there to not only help when we've needed it they could not have been an nicer. We now have our car insurance, homeowners insurance, mortgage, checking, savings & credit cards there. The 1st thing we & every generation after us does when we take our new baby is get their USAA us it's about as important as their birth certificates! They've helped us buy cars, handled any problems when we had to use either of our insurances. They've guided & help teach our children learn the importance of saving & keeping a good credit score. I could go on & on about how happy we've been with USAA. But I think the best way to explain how much they care is to tell you, my oldest son joined the AF instead of fulfilling his dream of playing college ball after 9-11. When his tour was winding down & he was about to get out...we lost him. He was 21 yrs old. And without paying attention to the dates he was buried on 9-11-04. Then 2 yrs later our youngest son who was a SSGT in the Army was wounded for the SECOND time, he was 22 when he had to take a military disability. He was devasted...he planned to do at least his 20yrs. He joined at 17. When we lost our oldest son we couldn't function...USAA held ALL our bills till the next month with no extra fees or mark on our credit. When we got the call about our youngest being hurt very bad all I could think & pray was "please God not again"!!! USAA was calling checking on us asking if we needed financial support again. I can assure you Capitol One or any other bank would have done that!! Yes I know they make mistakes, they have bad days but trust me 1st & foremost they really do CARE...thank you USAA for being there every time our family has needed you.


I would like to be able to edit my post after it's been submitted. I don't think it's possible...let me know if I'm wrong. Rereading it I see some errors I made typing on my phone. One is that we're part of the 2nd generation of USAA members out of 5..!! Of course I meant to say that NO other bank would have done the things USAA did during the worse time of our lives!!