I received a mailer indicating a new lineup of benefits was available to VISA cardholders effective February 1, 2015. One of the benefits is "Identity Theft Resolution Services." The mailer invites you to check usaa.com/guidetobenefits for further details. When clicking on the "identity theft" tab, it opens up to a description of the benefit, and advises that VISA cardholders need to sign up with "CS Identity" to have their information tracked - but no URL was provided. I then got on the phone to 1-866-200-9866 to get help. They took my info, including credit card number, and verified I was indeed entitled to the benefit. Then they transferred me for further assistance. The individual then asked me for my MasterCard number, which shocked me, because I don't have a MasterCard. I was then told the benefit was only available to MasterCard holders, and that reduced benefits were available to Visa card holders. Naturally, I had a ton of questions, since 1) this contradicted both the mailer and the USAA website, and 2) contradicted what the first person on the phone had told me. She checked back, leaving me on hold for quite some time, and finally just reiterated that I was only entitled to reduced benefits ("lost wallet only"), and that she had no explanation as to why the USAA website read the way it did (after first trying to convince me it read something else). After expressing some mild frustration, I ended the call, realizing I wasn't getting anywhere, and turned to this chat room, hoping that 1) others could be alerted to the situation and 2) perhaps a USAA staffer could get on and explain what is going on. Thank you in advance should you be able to provide the latter.




You are automatically eligible for the Identity Theft Resolution Services as a USAA Visa Cardholder.  The services are not provided until you believe you are a victim of ID Theft.


"Who is eligible for this coverage?


To be eligible for this coverage, you must be a valid USAA Visa® cardholder"


"What are Personal Identity Theft Resolution Services?


Personal Identity Theft Resolution Services provides you with access to a number of Identity Theft resolution services, should you believe you are a victim of Identity Theft."


"How can I access these services?

Simply contact 1-866-200-9866 if you believe you have been a victim of Identity Theft."



Great, but then why does the website state (note the last sentence in particular):

Internet Monitoring: You have access to CS Identity’s proprietary Internet surveillance technology that proactively detects stolen personally identifiable information (PII) and compromised confidential data online. At any point in time, the Internet Monitoring functionality is tracking thousands of websites and millions of data points, alerting Cardholders that their personal information is detected in a compromised position online. This information is being gathered in real-time, giving Cardholders the opportunity to react quickly and take the necessary steps to protect themselves. For enrollment, Cardholders will have to register online and provide their specific PII to be tracked as monitored elements.

Thats what started my entire line of questioning, which led to me being told "oh, you're not getting that, unless you have a MasterCard"?

hi JAC8,

I have your questions into an expert now! I will update when I receive a response!!


Thank you for your questions! :)

That is telling you how to enroll in specific service once you can access the services.


Brianna: thanks much!