I wish USAA would partner with more than just Assurant to provide Major Medical insurance



I live in Massachusetts which has a very regulated insurance marketplace.

For years I've been checking the USAA website to see if their Health insurance partner, Assurant, will start offering Major Medical insurance in my state.

So far nothing. I think the cost of doing business in MA for Assurant is just too high.


Recently I had high hopes that Health Insurance Reform ("ObamaCare") would change all that, but so far not.


Hi USAA, how about selecting some other high-quality insurance partners to provide Major Medical in Massachusetts and other regulated markets. Others can do it, why not you?


I would love to do more business with you.  




Thanks for your interest in major medical insurance. Your feedback is very important to us and helps as we make product decisions. Rest assured that we are continuously looking to partner with carriers that offer products that meet the needs of our membership. We hope to offer a product that can meet your needs soon. Thank you for trusting USAA.