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Let’s be real.. everyone is talking about how many years they’ve been with USAA etc and now threatening to leave. You’ve been with  USAA for so many years because their prices and services have been reasonable. If USAA was priced much higher than its competitors, you’d have services elsewhere. Stop acting like you have been volunteering your money to USAA for however many years. You’ve been provided a reasonably priced service.  No reputable insurer or bank has ended their NFL sponsorship or said they would not sponsor the NFL.  So are all or you going to stop wearing Nike, stop eating Frito-Lay chips, not buy Microsoft Products, not eat Papa Johns pizza, cancel your Verizon plans, cancel your Visa cards, not drink Pepsi, not buy Hyundai? The list goes on.  You can’t go to GEICO since the sponsor the nfl. Nationwide does too. Your threats mean nothing so stop trying to make USAA do something because you think they should do as you say. I’m a USAA member and will continue to be.


Already called hyundai and told them they lost a customer who has bought 3 cars over my life with them. Also did The same with papa johns. So yes you can hurt these companies for being anti-American.

And that’s great but they can’t please every customer. Everyone has their own view and there are millions of people who will continue to buy their product.  So  who are you really hurting. You are just limiting your choices. 

Hey don’t tell me want to do

Wow.  To answer your questions.  YES, I will.  Is Nike (or Fritos for God's Sake) more important than my integrity or my country?  I guess I know your answer.  Enjoy your Frito pie.

Never said anything about anyone’s higher belief. 

Sorry Mike but you should stop drinking that kool-aid.


I just switched to Geico and went from $130 a month with USAA to $72 a month with Geico for the IDENTICAL coverege, so get off your soapbox, pushing your agenda and trying to your staying with USAA. No one cares about YOUR opinion. If you are happy with USAA's service, then great, good for you. However, don't try and dictate other people's choices or point of view. Most people have posted because they WANT USAA to switch their patronege of the NFL, not just simply leave them. If you are happy with your service then keep it and you don't need to post anything about anything to anyone. Your post was just antagonizing and pointless. 

That’s awesome for you. Paying more for the same service. At the end of the day it only hurts your pockets.

And let’s see 1-2 years from now if you paying more made  difference. 

I think you need to re-read that first sentence, I am paying LESS now. I stayed with USAA becasuse of their military affiliation, not because of their good deal.