My fiance is stationed at Hickam. Due to time constraints and the amount of time we have already spent apart, after our Pennsylvania wedding on June 22, we depart together on Mon. June 24 for Hawaii. Tuesday we plan to go get me command sponsored, but I have no idea how the process works, and the questioning process is extremely lengthy because my fiance has to play middle man between me and the Air Force. How can I find out what documents I have to sign, and what choices I need to make that day? I want to be as prepared as possible, and while there may be hiccups, I want to be as mentally prepared as possible for this.


With your wedding in the foreground,(Congratulations!) things are probably hectic, but I'll give what advice I can. We were Army, and I went as a civilian. We didn't have children, so that put us way down on the housing list. Lived off-post, on the north shore of Oahu. Didn't ship a car, the bus system there was fine, went everywhere I needed with only a few transfers for errands other than work. Comparing the cost of gas to a monthly pass, it was cheaper. With all of the military there, it's easier to find a car if you need one, and then sell it when you leave. A lot less hassle. Same thing for most household items. Tons of military yard sales, so I didn't ship too much. Submit applications now. It took 3 mos. for me to get a job. C.O.L.A. helps a lot, but everything there is VERY expensive. Most groceries, and gasoline, I went on-post for, off-post there was a Sam's. To prepare for 'sticker shock', check the prices online, for there and WalMart.