I filled for VA Compensation & Pension Approx 07/15/2011 And I'm STILL WAITING????

Wrong button. <br> anyway I then became Homeless living in my truck in the Seattle Area from 2011/12 until 2012/07 trying to Land a job at BOEING. And of All the places I have been The Seattle VA Outreach helped the most with Money for Gas (looking for work) and the South King County Homeless Transistion to a Home was Well Above and Beyond Salt Lake and Tucson Arizona. Anyway I still Have yet to here any thing about my VA File Claim. Lung and at First the Salt Lake City VA. Lost My Darn File. But I had copies (Thank God) Not that it really helped anyway. And here I am looking at being Homeless for a 3rd time? And it will be the Last Time. I Served my Country Proudly and have No Regrets but some of the VA Employees need to Either Remember there Veteran Roots or for the ones who work there that had Never Served Need to Step Down so we the Proud can Help THOSE WHO SERVED. Any Advice on getting My Comp &amp; Pension Paid to me. Help and Thanks.


You need to find a Sponsor through one of the Veterans organizations such as the

Disabled American Veterans
(206) 220-6225
915 2nd Ave
West Seattle American Legion Hall
(206) 935-9407
3618 Sw Alaska St
Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs: Go to a Public Liabray and use the computer to get to this web site:
Hope this helps.

If you don't have a service officer, you should go to one of the service agengies.  DAV service oooicers are all disabled

veterans and have been through the process.  I think they are the best qualified to help[ get your compensation.  The point is not to give up; appeal every denial.  They hope me get mind.

Even in joining/seeking help from a Veterans Service Organization, my advice to you is to still anticipate quite a lengthy wait time!

My example: I have been deprecated from active duty since 10/06, and filed my claim shortly thereafter. My claim was partially accepted with the help of a VSO, however a portion of my claim was denied because it was stated that I did not have any documentation on a particular disability that I was claiming. This was because when on AD, and having this particular issue my medical paperwork was taken from my master record and left on site at a facility that I was sent on TDY to, in order to be tested for this particular issue. I was not actually compensated for this issue until 2008,when I happened to be in that particular city and went back to that facility to see if they, in fact had possession of my records, and they did! However, I was only compensated for my disability from the day that I submitted the missing portion of my records, and I am still awaiting an appeals board to retroactively compensate me for the time that I had initially filed my claim! All of this has been done through the VSO, and here it is 5 years later, and I'm still waiting... My point to you is, work diligently to get that which you rightfully know is yours, but don't rely on it coming to you expediently!

On a side note; I totally and outright agree with your point about the VA, I currently work for them and I see such an extreme amount of FRAUD, WASTE, & ABUSE by many who are employees, but are not veterans, and I too believe that those jobs should only be for members who served. Everyday that I go to work, it becomes more and more apparent to me that many non veteran employees DO NOT ONLY NOT CARE ABOUT AND DESPISE SERVICING OUR VETERAN POPULATION, but they are only there because of the level of security that is present within the government system! An absolute shame! Many of these employees are agents of lip service, simply but, who claim to be "here for our veterans!" Liars!
Have you contacted a chapter of the disabled veterans organization. I belong to the one in augusta ga and we help our veterans. We sometimes pay a bills. The best thing is you don't have to be a member just a VET.
Yes Steff63. I agree the DAV is good, they can find out what is going on! They will do paper work for you. They used to give a one time grant of $1000.00. If you qualify, it was a simple process? don't go it alone OK.
in texas we have the texas veterans commission a state funded organization that assists veterans with their claims maybe your state has a similar office that could help you. hope this was helpful
You should also apply for a pension, it will help until your compensation comes through. There is still a tremendous backlog on claims.