I filled for VA Compensation & Pension Approx 07/15/2011 And I'm STILL WAITING????

I filled for VA Compensation & Pension Approx 07/15/2011 And I'm STILL WAITING????
I have been Homeless since I lost my job as a Truck Driver Due to My Service Connected (L) Knee Injury 1st time from 2010/03 to 2010/09. Where I Moved to SLC from Southern Az to get a job on the I-15 Corridor Construction. Long story short here I then got reinjured



I you contacted your VA claim rep?

 When I retired it took me 18 months to get my claim back 100% DISABLE , I have friends that claims came back in 90 days they all received  between 50-80 % look at this as a good thing, they also paid me back pay. good luck!

Yea, I have friends like that as well, also if you have anything that is medically wrong with you, that is NON SERVICE CONNECTED, you can file a different claim and non service connected claims have i believe between 30 and 75 days to approve or deny it. Just a thought if you're needing something really quick... Hope all works out well!

They take at least a couple years, longer now that more vets have been added. Just don't let it lapse and I recommend checking in every month, i.e. call 800 # give social wait on hold 50min, get told it's still in the works.

Dear Sgt. Schultz,

I'm so sorry to have to welcome you to the ranks of the disguarded after service.  If you are starting to get the inkling that anyone who hasn't filed for C&P and gotten stonewalled is falling to understand that you've done nothing wrong, that there is no magical wand to twinkle away the shock and horror, that you were more respected in uniform at 20 than you will ever be by your country as a disabled veteran, then I am sorry for the wake up call and the state of affairs.  However, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  You haven't done anything wrong, you haven't failed to prove your disability, you haven't filled out the paperwork incorrectly or failed to convey to your service officier that you are in fact disabled, your VA doctors and nurses know it too, but you won't be getting much help or concern from them.  They can't afford to be concerned.  They have to work there among thousands of discarded veterans every day.  If they weren't capable of blocking that out, they'd find another job.


You may not be aware of it but the truth is some VSOs have not even cleared out all the claims from the Korean War... Most VSOs have still not cleared all the claims from Vietnam, and I'm a Desert Storm era vet who put my claim in back in 1994... I've never even been offered a C&P hearing.  I was homeless off and on from 1996 until 2010.  The lengths they will expect you to go through to help yourself will be many and mostly bureaucratic.  I am LUCKY that I made it through the hoops and just think... some caseworker is getting paid more than you did in the military on active duty to tell you to try harder... what's more when you finally get benefits they will tell you how you are failing to budget properly on the tiny fraction of income you get comparatively and take credit for all your achievements for jumping their hoops until you managed to get a roof of your own over your head.  Getting proven service connected is a monumental task all on it's own.  Keep in mind that you are in a position where you must use the "INSURANCE CARRIER'S DOCTORS" to prove the "INSURANCE CARRIER" should give you money.  We know we earned it.  They convienently forget it.  What they don't forget is to use every second possible trying to disprove or premptively strike down your claim in your own medical records.


I'm sorry you are facing this.  I'm sorry anyone has to, and I am real dang sorry I'm one of the ones facing/fighting it every day.  You're going to have to be smarter and more resourceful than your caseworkers, doctors, therapists, etc, and yet let them take credit and climb the ranks on the shoulders of your hard work.  Get along. No matter what.  But don't let it beat you down.  Know deep inside that YOU are the reason you are going to survive this but these idiots DO have veto power over your assistance and they will use it.  So the smartest thing you can do is not defeat yourself and go with the flow all the while realizing that your resources are the only salvation because 9 out of 10 of the resources they will give you on those lists are inaccurate, out of date, no longer available or never were so don't waste too much energy running yourself ragged exploring them.  Explore them, but pace yourself.  They aren't going to let you get out of the program too fast anyway.... remember the number one job of any bureaucratic government agency/agent is to document their usefulness and importance and their billable hours.  They need you to take your time so they can prove how hard it is to do what they do or someone might figure out that you are actually saving yourself from homelessness and disability and stop paying all those caseworkers... ;)


I wish you all the best. GG

Submit a letter through your VSO or American Legion (whoever is your Power of Attorney) stating you are requesting the case be expedited due to Hardship (explain your hardship) they should move it up in the cue. I was told this process is an exceptable route for those experiencing hardships while waiting and that it DOES make a difference. Give it a try.

I know first hand that this process can be more than frustrating.  After navigating this river myself, and helping a few others, this is the best advice that I know actually works:


1)  Get smart about the entire process--down to the forms, regulations, and publications.  You have to be able to talk shop with the VA and understand when you're really not getting good intel.  This system is under distress so you have to take Ownership of this process.  No excuses.


2)  Take control and make time to show your face at the Beneftis office where you're located.  If you find individuals whom are not helping you, there is someone likely down the hall that will.  Continue to look untill you find them.


3)  Get smart with the online resources that are available via the VA and DOD.  Establish online accounts with all VA portals and check them often.


4)  Stay motivated and continue to conduct in person visits and consulations with various personalites within the VA hospital and benefit areas.  You really need to find three or four GO TO people...they are there, but you have to find them and it's not always pleasant doing so. 


5)  Ensure that you continue to remain professional even though you will  likely find service people whom are not.  Take a deep breath, be diligent, and if your claim has merit you will find closure eventually.




huh?  my claim took 9 years and awarded 100 percent and back pay for 4 of it. I am honestly letting the other 5 years of back pay go because of the fear of any more appeals making the process drag out longer.  I will say getting a lawyer is bad advice, mine did nothing more then get her 32k check in the end.  Use DAV or VFW if you are able to do so and they have the time to help you in your area. Some places and states do things correct and the benefits are awarded quickly,  then there are places that it takes many years,  I recently spoke to a gentleman who broke his arm jumping into a fox hole in Korea,  his claim has been open for all these years and you can see with your eyes his crooked arm that was set in the field and never corrected, yet even with his records accurate they award him a rating of 0 percent.  Story after story I could sit here and tell,  my  own letter I have here states they lost my records in the fire in the early 70s and they can not confirm nor deny what I claim,,,,,,,now the funny part of that is I was 5 years old when that fire happened,,,,,so the moral to this is no help to you sir,,,,,your not alone in this, pls never give up your battle to get what you  deserve and thank you for your service. You will eventually win if you do the one thing that wins every time,  get a letter that is called a nexus letter.  Had I known I needed t his then my claim would have taken a few months instead of 9 years, you can pull many examples of it off the web and your va doctor  does it his or her way,,,best wishes to you and good luck  .  http://www.veteranscorner.org/thenexusletter.htm