Okay members,  I have ben looking for a while and cannot find anything abut replacing or firing members of the Board of Directors.  This is a member owned company and USAA is required to make the Board of Dirctors and all votong and other matters like salary available to all members. 


I for one will not choose one good buddy of the board to vote hisw other high ranking friends back in..  Makes me sick to see USAA becoming just another bank.  Been wih USAA Since I was in Fligt school in 68 or so.  Always bragged on it to everyone.  Can't brag any more....................


Mike Rat38,

Thank you for taking the time to post. Here is a link to a page that talks about USAA's corporate governance. If you would like to provide more details about why you are unhappy, please click here to provide us with additional information. We appreciate your long standing membership. Thank you.

Dead link.

Thanks CoolJim. The link has been fixed!

Link cannot be opened

As an aside, how did I EVER see fit to put so much of my $$$ and confidence in this once-revered institution that apparently, at this point, cannot even sustain a LINK on which some info may be obtained by a member?  The Hannity decision and even this small IT defect really gives me pause.


A response is not recessary (scripted as it surely will be).  Kindly just fix the link.


I apologize the link above is not functioning (this thread is from 2014 and the method for sending us a message has since changed).


You can send a message through the message center by clicking the envelope icon in the top navigation bar (below with the red 28):


Then click "Message USAA"



Thank you.


SO it dosen't work ?

I've been a USAA member since ' 69. Apparently we have elected left leaning libs to the board. It us time for a change!

So I checked all the links and didn't really get any answer.  All I mainly got was bios on everyone.  Maybe I was not looking in the correct place.  If you could just tell me how are board member put in the positions they hold.  Are they elected, appointed, hired?  If elected or appointed who does that?  Members?  Other board members?