How to make Alimony payments between one USAA member and another

How would a person make an alimony payment from their USAA account into their ex-spouse's USAA account?  I need detailed instructions in order to explain it to my ex-spouse.


Thank you.


Hello MMProud, there are two ways to do this. For a direct transfer, the person sending the funds would access, My Tools tab, select Add an Account under the Transfers options and add the routing & account number along with type (checking or savings) and the name of the account holder. Select that they are NOT a signature authority on the account and this will allow funds to be directly transferred from their account to the other. Now, you may want to consider "tracking" and any possible chance for easy proof of payments. This would be best accomplished by the sender setting up an automatic payment via check from our Web BillPay options. The check would be documented at the bottom of each monthly statement for the sender. Some find they need this at some point and w/transferring funds, it's not so easy. To set up the payment via check, the sender would access My Tools, select Pay Bills and Add a Payee, entering the persons name and address, then once added as a "payee" select the payee and opt for Set Up Automatic Payment. I hope this information is helpful and detailed enough to help. Reach back out t me if needed. Best to you, ~ Lori