It all started when I signed up for an auto insurance policy as a Cadet at the US Air Force Academy.  It was my first time having to pay for my own insurance, my own bills, or really anything for that matter.  They took what could have been a very new, scary, and expensive experience and transformed it into the wonderful relationship that I have with USAA today.   Through over a decade with USAA my wife and I have taken advantage of a $30,000 Academy loan, 2 car loans, 1 personal loan, 2 Roth IRAs, 5 mutual funds, 1 brokerage account, 3 savings accounts, 2 checking accounts, 2 credit cards, 2 life insurance policies, a valuable personal property policy, renters insurance, and auto insurance covering a total of 3 vehicles.  The level of service and the gratitude USAA shows my family for using their services are two of the many reasons why my family will remain loyal customers of this amazing company.  Thanks for your dedication and all that you do for us!


Thank You for the kind words Schen-deeezy!