I've been a member of USA for 10 years and as of 2 yrs ago I have received the worst possible customer service imaginable. I'm currently deployed for the 3rd time and all my money was stolen from my savings. I spent 2 hours trying to just get access to my account onot to be told that the codes generated by the program was wrong, no one can give me information about the money that was taken from me or its investigation. Everyone I speak to is incompetent to say the least. A few years ago, if I had a problem it was corrected on the spot and I was very happy to tell people I banked and was insured by this organization. I've already got a different insurance company. I'm now thinking about changing banks as well. Why did the great service stop and do these people even care? I used this bank because I felt I was treated with more respect and care as a veteran. Now I feel like a nobody that they collect interest from off the few dollars I have left that weren't stolen. Your welcome for the time and stress I received being away from my family being shot at. Way to show appreciation.


Well, I just took the time to write out a reply to you because I certainly agree with you. Unfortunately, the efficient USAA apparently just timed me out so when I hit reply it lost my entire reply! No warning it was going to time me out even.
So let me just say, God bless you, I hope USAA fixes your problem, stay safe & THANK YOU TRULY for your service!

Hi Milballer,

It is my understanding that a specialist reached out to you today to speak about your account. Please let us know if you got everything you needed. Thank you for posting but most of all for your service to our country. Stay safe!

I also dislike the mobile verification.  I live overseas and USAA won't accept international phone numbers.  I'm also having difficulties calling USAA forservices. The automatic voice menu keep yamming on and on.  I have to wait until it completely finishes before entering my PIN, choices, etc.  I need to talk to a representative, but can't get through.  I'm being told it's outside office hours, even though it's going on 09:30 am in Texas.  USAA should have alternative verification methods.


Very fustrated.

Retired Overseas,

Thank you for reaching out in Community. I'm sorry to hear of your frustration with the automated system. I will be sure to submit your feedback to our team. We do accept international phone calls. Please follow this link: http://bit.ly/1LSXHqO and select the country you are calling from. If you have trouble getting through please reach out to us for further assistance.