Homeless Military Vets: Where Can You Go for Help?

Two big challenges facing our Men & Women in uniform include Post Traumatic Stress and Veteran Homelessness. Here are a couple of helpful links to resources you can use. http://www.ptsd.va.gov/ http://www.military.com/benefits/veteran-benefits/homeless-veterans-programs.html What resources can you share that help with PTS and Veteran Homelessness?


I'm in San Antonio. I'm good at everything and getting out of the Army in the next 60 days. I need a job, USAA.
We are not homeless veterans but with only one paycheck, one child in elementary school, and one newborn, we just need a little financial help with renting a place of our own! Apparently alot of cities in our home state are no longer accepting applications for affordable housing since they've been closed for more than two years!! My husband and I are both Army veterans not of retirement age and not homeless but those are the only "veteran" categories for help out there! Where do we fit in?? We both deployed to Iraq with him going back two more times-why can't we get help too?
Hi All, In the Boston area, the New England Center for Homeless Veterans is an amazing resource. They help with job training, housing, clothing, healthcare, etc. They help not only short term but help vets be independent long term. I am a nurse and I my husband is a Iraq war vet and I feel an obligation to get out this information to those who could use it. Here is the website: http://www.nechv.org and they are located at 17 Court Street near Government Center in Boston, Ma. Also Massachusetts General Hospital has the Home base program for vets with Traumatic Brain Injuries.
Where to fit in? It seems impossible to figure it out sometimes! As a disabled army veteran finding myself one paycheck away from being out of my newly rented apt, and then unemployed right after that last paycheck...i was seriously desperate! Perhaps this will help someone else in a similar position: I had been hon. discharged with disability back in 97, gotten the voc rehab right after that, went on and hadn't thought of any benefits or re-evaluation of them since then. Well, long story short... lost the decent job due to the economy, hurt my back (which is my disability) worse to the point of no return, and had no hopes of being able to even do a gas station job. Ironically, the billboard right across from my apartment building asked "Are you getting the benefits you deserve?" and a phone number to the local VA rep office. After getting very lucky and seeing Vicki Ruiz, who is the job placement specialist at the Clermont Cty, OH VA office, (and will go way above and beyond to help in any way possible!), i found out that vets are eligible for "helps" for each year of service! They saved me!!! I was able to apply for financial aid (which are the "helps"), see a counselor, and since i was working on finding employment and in the middle of investigating serious surgery for my back, was eligible for my rent to be paid and a grocery voucher for all the good stuff a food card doesn't cover! (Toilet paper is a nice thing to have!!!) What a life saver!!! I honestly don't know where my son and I would've been without their help; obviously not in the apartment we are still in... It's worth a shot calling one of the VA rep centers if you need some sort of assistance; i had never even heard of that until i talked with them. There's so many more programs, etc. out there now for all of us vets - it makes me even more proud to have been able to serve our country! It is absolutely wonderful to hear a "thank you" for something I feel so honored to be a part of!
I tried to stuff my memories away, & laugh about others, for nearly 20 years. I thought the nightmares & angry feelings toward myself were just normal. On the night the first bomb dropped in Dessert Storm, it all came back at once. I thought I'd lost my mind forever. Please, Please, do yourself a favor. Seek treatment for PTSD. Don't ruin your life like I did. The VA has a lot of wonderful help, now. Get control, before it controls you! The other most valuble suggestion I have, is STOP WATCHING the news. I stopped 5 years ago, it has been very hard, but the best thing I've ever done for myself!! WELCOME HOME VETS & THANK YOU!!!!!!!
hey guys! I am a sigle mother of 3...I am a Gulf War Vet, and I am begging ay one who kows ay legitimate organization in Florida to please help. I was in school, through Voc rehab and because of my MS(mltiple sclerosis) was dropped from school. i fall some times, from my MS nd its getting worse, but my kids and I lost 900 dollars a month, plus my pell grants to help the house hold run. I am ready to lose my car, apartment, and we have hardly ay food. this is a terrible time (christmas) to be feelig hopeless....any ideas? Thank you all!
Struggling living in places we could not afford and basements of family members homes .. eviction and eviction we reached out to the Veterans Administration and we given a social worker with the HUD/VASH program. Its the Veterans option to section 8 housing without having to wait for years on a wait list. Within a matter of weeks we were given a voucher to find a home renting at 1400.00 and our out of pocket cost was only 300.00 monthly. Its income based so that number will vary depending on your circumstances. Good luck to all of you needing this information .. please reach out to the VA .. there is so much for you there!
In Philadelphia PA a group of veterans has just started an organization that will provide support to veterans and families who are homeless and suffering from PTSD. More impprtantly they will begin offering services this coming Jan 2013. This group of veterans are the Alpha Company Veterans group who were some of the original members of Alpha Company involved in the tragic incident in Afghanistan. ACVG.ORG for more information on how you help email us acvg@gmail.com or 267-753-5119 /267-688-5025i
God bless our Homeless Vets ! May all large Cities start a Homeless vets Program.In the Florida countrysides the churches help the homeless people with food and meals and some have ice cream on Sundays from 3 to 5. GOD BLESS AMERICA LET FREEDOM RING !