We had ice damage to our roof. We filed a claim and because there were so many other families that suffered the same problem. We hired the contractor right when it happened almost 2 full seasons later he finally had time to work on our house. We tried to find other people in the area that could do it but it would have cost us 3 times more to do it with someone else. Bottom line there is a statue of limitations on work even if they send someone out that assesses the damage so they know you have damage.
And you let them know that you can't get contractor out to start job because they have so many others in line to help first.
USAA could do better.


Love your country,

I understand that you had ice damage to your roof and it took several months before your contractor was available to perform the repairs. Please allow me to engage our claims department to address your concern about a statute of limitations. A claims expert will reach out to you during regular business hours. ~Darcy