USAA just reported that it made $26 billion last year. My home owners insurance has gone up 34% in the 3 years I have been with them even though I have made every conceivable cut that USAA will allow me to. USAA has the gall to say they support the Military and its Veterans. Please.


Looking for a new provider.


You really need to read the 2014 Annual Report to Members.  


$26 billion is the total net worth of USAA for 2014 not what they was made.  Net income was $3.4 billion, which very little of that came from the insurance side.  $1.6 billion was returned to members and customers in distributions, dividends, and bank rebates and rewards.


If your rates are increasing, it is because the risk and cost are increasing.  At least the money earned by USAA isn't going to stockholders, but to members or reinvested in the company.

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I am sorry to hear we have been a disappointment. We would like to get in touch to talk about your coverage. A member service specialist will be in touch soon. Thank you for posting.