So I am almost sure that tmo will not move my house just my husbands who is actually over seas. We move very very soon. I'm in fl and I'm trying to figure out the best cost effective way to move with my three kids and my kitty. I do have movers advantage. Obviously I'll be driving but I need to get my stuff from here to Holloman afb. I need major help please


Why are you in separate houses? If you were separated due to his assignment, then there is a good chance TMO will pay to move your stuff. circumstances could be several things though.
I was going to say move yourself bc you get way more money back. But that is going to be too difficult with three kids and a cat :/ I live in Holloman! We moved about a year ago and did it ourselves coming from Tennessee it was hard but awesome bc of the money they reimburse you
You could also visit holloman Air Force wives pages on fbook. I'm sure many of the girls have experiences the same thing and could give advice!
Thanks y'all. Thankfully tmo came through.

If your a military dependant or member and your husband is overseas, the TMO office will make all the necessary arrangemnts to pack and move your things for you at the governments expense with PCS Orders to Holloman. Being previously stationed at White Sands Missile Range, I know for sure the AF takes outstanding care of family members. This should help you in getting to your new base where all you will have to do is enjoy the trip from one duty station to another. Let the government do all the work, just sit back and watch the movers both pack and unpack your HHG's.

Good luck on your move, God speed on your husband's safe return home.