I was involved in a hit and run and a police report was filled. They were able to find the car that hit me and was owned by another individual not the driver who hit me. It was 100% the drivers fault and was told that I would need to pay my deductible until the police report was made. I received a notification that my deductible has been waived and when I called to ask where the $500 was the representative said they knew nothing about my deductible being waived and it didn't look like it was waived yet. Even though I explained h ow I clearly have notifications on my portal saying otherwise. I do not have the money to fix my car completely and have been waiting for the money to come since it was 100% not my fault....has this happened to anyone else and if so what have you done to get the waived deductible compensation?! Very frustrating seeing as my car is brand new and was hot by someone who fell asleep at the wheel and then drove off.....ugh!!



I am so sorry about the accident as well as the frustration you have experienced.  I definitely want to have your concerns reviewed further.  I have escalated your situation to a member of management who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns.   Thank you, Mike