I must say having been a member since 1972, I agree with this member's comments. No disrespect to our NCOs, etc. but USAA was originally established for commisssioned officers of the armed services. USAA did not have to advertise to obtain/retain members. I believe USAA no longer has "Members" as originally intended but only "Customers" to the company.  The military has always had their "missions"  to accomplish - it is time for USAA to re-focus on their mission.



We truly do value your feedback and I have passed this along for further review. You will be receiving a call from a representative directly. Thank you.

Please look at my submission as well. 


I first noticed the change in the fall of 2015 when my son was involved in a an accident in which the car he was driving in was totaled. It started with the initial call and went down hill from there.  Suffice it to say, it was very different than past claims that I had.  The questions were not germane to what I was trying to tell them and then we got cut off in the middle of the process.  Trying to call them back was worse.  Still, after some time and aggravation, we got things started. The worst was the claims adjuster who did not include me in anything having to due with the process either getting the car fixed or totaled. One day, out of the blue I got a call telling me the car was being totaled.  No explanation, no nothing. Previously, I had filed claims and it was like every USAA experience I had ever had, a feeling that someone was on my side. This last one, start to finish, was not so, it was like I was dealing with some robotic entity. Only when I started getting on the phone and firmly asking for help, was the help forthcoming. One positive note, after I did that, the insurance carrier of the at fault driver tried to slow walk me, and USAA was really good there.


Ok, I filed that away, and didn't think too much of it until I tried to refinance my house recently.  The bottom line was USAA had a higher interest rate, charged substantially more for closing costs ($3K more than other lenders), and made me do most of the legwork in terms of getting inspections and repairs completed. Despite their higher (by 0.5 %) interest rate and closing costs, I was still going to go with them because I trusted USAA and I had financed and refinanced with them before.  It seemed to me that they set closing dates too soon with lock in dates that were going to have to be extended at my cost with a VA refi.  When I called to ask questions about the VA, the mortgage officer called me and gave what I considered a pretty stern talking to. I was a bit taken aback, but he did explain things somewhat.  


Anyway, back to my problems with the mortgage and why you all lost my business.  I had to do more legwork on this loan than any in the past.  Usually, the mortgage company, be it USAA or another, in the past had ordered the termite inspection, that was left for me to do.   When the VA inspection left nothing but cryptic pictures and a message that didn't explain things, I was left trying to figure out what I needed to repair.  When I asked if USAA had approved contractors, I was told no. Yet later on in the process, I found such a list on the website.  That cost me time in finding someone to do the work. When I did, we then experienced a period of rain for about 10 days on and off.  The contractor fell behind which forced me to pay for an extension. I finally heard through word of mouth that USAA had a contractor list on the website. I clicked on it, and boom, got a contractor and it got done quickly. Had I known about that, it would have saved me about 3 weeks time and $1300.  To make matters worse, they were going to charge me $150 for a termite inspection as part of the closing cost for wich I had paid out of pocket. I caught that on the night we closed. The next day, I took off my USAA colored glasses, found a local lender, and got a rate a half point lower, with closing costs that were $3000 less who would do the leg work that USAA made me do.  I sent my right to cancel and I will never do mortgage business with them again unless things change.  I can't, with good conscience, recommend for any of my five adult children to use USAA for their mortgage needs. 


I had financed a conventional mortage on another property in 2009. When they sold my mortgage a couple years after that, I didn't like it, but understood how things were sometimes.  


I had really hoped to get a call from USAA on why they lost my business, but I guess that goes part and parcel with this new attitude.  I have been a USAA member for 31 years and I just shake my head at their new customer service practices as compared to how they were. 



Here since 86,


It's disappointing to hear of your experience with processing a mortgage refinance. It is never our intent to leave our members with this impression as service is important to us. I have shared your comments with our mortgage area. They will review your comments and reach out to discuss and address your experience. I appreciate the opportunity to review your experience and restore your trust in USAA. Thank you. -Gus