As a 40+ year member of USAA, I would have to ask if the as a company, has USAA LOST ITS WAY. I know that the world has changed over that period of time, but we seem to have lost sight of the purpose for which USAA was formed, and whom it was intended to serve, the COMMISSONED OFFICERS of our UNIFORMED MILITARY SERVICES, and their families. This is not intended to demean or devalue the service, or the work of others, but the circumstances, and the environment in which we, as Commissioned Officers work, endure, live, etc. differed then, and now, from those of even the most admirable and benevolent members of the civilian world, be the "Special Agents", NCO's (for whom I have a special respect yet understand the difference between "Sergeant's Business" and the role of the Commanders, and other staff officers, aircraft commanders/aviators, vessel captains, etc. Each of those groups may have, and if not should have a benevolent organization to address their needs, which differ from those who formed USAA many years ago, and set the original requirements to participated herein. I feel that the level of service received from USAA has diminished radically from the days of Gen. McDermott and the old requirements for membership, as well and from the perspective of an "old timer" things have not gotten better overall. This company was built for a specific (special) purpose, and it is the responsibility of each of us to preserve it so as to leave it as we have found it, with a laser-straight view of what it was intended to be, not growing for the sole purpose of growth nor deviation simply because it is convenient, or we can become something larger if we cease to be what we were & should be, to become something else. That change is the story of another, fairly similar company, formed to meet the needs of a group, civilian government employees, but has also lost its way. I shutter to think of USAA being publicly represented by a "Reptile with a Foreign Accent" hawking its wears on the television and in print, to anyone who will listen, without regard to its initial purpose, and the subset of Americans that it was formed to serve, our Commissioned Military Officers. Heck, its bad enough that we advertise on CNN, a network whose focus is not the best interests of the military officers of the services under the SecDef, & Department of Defense. It is, in my humble, yet hopefully learned and life experiences, opinion,. time for us to go back to basics, and do what we were formed to do, lest the Military Officers of the future not have the advantages of membership in our corporate entity which the founders entrusted to us to continue in perpetuity, and to pass on to those who will succeed us in leading the Armed Forces in this new day and type of combat as it exists in the world today.


I also have been a member for over 40 years. I agree with your comments about USAA. It was a company that I was alway proud to be a member and have placed all my insurance with. It is frustrating to do business with them on claim. They will not return calls and generally use form unsigned emails and ask us to use the claims ce
Continued. Center to waste your time providing them with info. They support the contractors they choose and ignore the insured. They are not the USAA I was proud to feel an association with. We are now a number and claims adjuster treat us like the enemy. I find a different attitude when dealing with policy service that can mean an increase in insurance coverage. Times change and USAA has become an Allstate, General or just a big insurance company with little interest in customer relations

ExplEngineer and the replies are right on track.  As a 20+ year USAA member, I am just so unenchanted with the service I'm ready to jump ship.  I have been trying to move forward on a mortgage loan with them and it has been painful to the point of madness.  They have lost documents I sent, asked for documents over the course of 4 weeks instead of just providing one master list in the beginning, don't read emails before replying so ask for items already taken care of, and the list goes on and on.  We are having to live in a hotel while we wait for closing and I asked for an earlier closing date and was just told that we have to go to the president for a date to be moved up.  They don't get approved so there's no point in asking.  Hey, who cares how much out-of-pocket money we are costing the customer! 


Now, they are taking forever to notify us of final approval on the loan even though the loan is $195K and we were approved for $375K.  Really, how can this take this long.  They don't seem to move forward concurrently on work, but follow a linear path and won't do anything until the "task" that was before it on the list is done.  If I worked like that I would be fired.  Now, the seller won't order the termite tenting until the loan is approved and so closing could be moved out further.  Hey, who cares if our delays are costing our customer even more money!


USAA, you need to work more effectively and with the customer in mind.  If I had to do this all over again, I would not go to them for my mortgage.  What are you going to do to serve customers instead of your bottom line?

My husband and I were looking into mortgage companies last year. Naturally, being as we've always been happy with USAA, we looked into their services first. I could find hardly any positive reviews of their mortgage services. Many commenters elsewhere said they were very satisfied with USAA in every way - UNTIL they tried to get a mortgage through them. They just don't seem be able to handle mortgages well at all. I would look at it separately from my general satisfiaction with them as a bank and insurance company. Oh, and maybe make sure to let anyone else you know is mortgage shopping that they may want to finance a house elsewhere.


I am also a 10 year member.   I have my insurance and banking through USAA, but have never found their mortgage rates to be competitive with my pentagon federal credit union rates.   I think USAA customer service is better than most banks and my one auto insurance claim was a flawless event.   I have friends who have homeowner claims that have also nothing but praises for USAA.   So my experience has been A+++ on everything except mortgages.  

As a 35 year member, I think it's best if USAA stays focused on servering the military community. Expanding too far risks us becoming All State, State Farm, or just another large insurance company. That would only lead to poor service and loss of true identity.


It would be nice if USAA offered mortgages directly as the assumption is decisions would be faster and we would be free of hidden processing surprises. However,  my understanding is USAA "passes through" mortgages to companies that are specialists in a particular state. This is probably necessary due to each state/county having different property transfer laws, taxes, etc. such that it's not possible for USAA agents to perform the actual work.  Basically, they are helping us find an honest broker. That is what I perceive at least, I could be wrong.

I work with a bunch of retired and former military, and I'd say over half no longer use USAA.  Just looking around the office, there's 2 of 3 cubicle mates who no longer insure with them; the retired pilot who says he "feels betrayed by USAA"; my boss who had bad claims experiences and no longer insures with them; his daughter who says "they wanted me to LIE on my mortgage application -- I'd NEVER use them again"; and my team chief, whose wife called in regarding homeowners insurance renewal and was told by the rep to "F*** Off" and then USAA hung up on her!  Literally told her those very words.


I'm sure that they're gaining new members with all the TV ads, but my sense is that they are hemmoraging older members.  In my case, 30+ years but I've moved all my insurance policies and maintain only a checking account and credit card.  Moved the bulk of my savings accounts to another local bank where they "know and greet me by name" as I walk in and -- the best part -- pay far better interest rates.  Insurance policies went to another member-based association after a search of the JD Powers ratings.


Too bad; we had a great thing going for many years.  One wonders whether (since we're still members of what is ostensibly an association) how and whether we the membership could execute a "coup" at the next annual meeting and toss the whole BOD out on their ears and start from scratch. 

make it a clean sweep on the replies-they suck!!!.  20 year customer, im getting everything out of usaa now.  a serious headache and hassle to move a dozen accounts of differing varieties, but cant wait to tell them to F-off for the last time.  of course they would have to return my call and close my simple claim that has been open for 4 months to do that. 

I guess we're one of the luckier subscribers. As members for 35+ years, I don't recall ever having any issues with the company. We've financed 2 houses with them, and, when refinancing one 3 years ago and it looked as though we might be on a trip when final paperwork was due to be signed, they were very agreeable to the loan's being finalized at our destination, if necessary. 18 months ago when my wallet with all my credit/debit cards was stolen, they were extremely helpful in cancelling cards and offering suggestions for dealing with unauthorized charges that might appear. 


We changed to another company for insurance needs when we initially moved here, only because of premiums. Since that time USAA's rates came down to a similar amount & we are once again insured with them and likely will be for quite some time. This doesn't mean I don't comparison shop every now and again, because I do, but the differences haven't been enough to warrant changing. (The  "Reptile with a Foreign Accent" would be very low on our comparison possibilites because, quite frankly, we can't stand their ads! We do like "Flo" but her company's rates are not particularly attractive, either.)


I would recommend USAA to anyone I know who's eligible for coverage!