On Behalf of the USAA Community, I'd like to wish you all a Happy Veterans Day and express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for all Veterans here in Community and for your families. We are so grateful for your sacrifices, bravery and service.


Today we honor you!






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Briana: I choose to honor my Grandfathers. John Boyd who served in the Army and Robert Hoke Hartzell who served over 33 years in the Navy and was the inspiration for my husband to serve in the Navy as well! (I know Veteran's Day is not for the currently serving but I have to give a shout out to my husband as well! I am in awe of his dedication to our country and am so very proud!)




Allison Veterans Day.jpgAllison: 

I choose to honor Carl Shepherd, my 97 year old neighbor who I visit daily. He served as First Gunners Mate on the USS Rocky Mount in WW2, making 13 landings across the Pacific. He loves telling stories while we sit outside enjoying dinner or sweets.  Carl and I have been neighbors for over 8 years and he often calls me his adopted daughter. I feel so fortunate to live next to such an incredible veteran and so I honor him today and every day!




WP-VDay2020.pngWendy: I choose to honor my grandfathers who served overseas in the Army (two in WWII and one in Vietnam), my father-in-law in the Marine Corps, my dad in the Army and my husband and son in the Navy. The military service in my family runs deep! Thank you to all of them and especially my husband who served in the submarine force, spending over 13 years at sea (nine of them under water)! I thank all Veterans and their families for their commitment, courage and faithfulness to our country. 




You can join the effort in saying thank you by participating in the #HonorThroughAction challenge. Here’s how: 


  • Draw a “V” (for veterans) on your hand and write the initials of a vet you want to honor in the center (or draw a star in the middle to represent all veterans). 
  • Snap a selfie of your hand. 
  • Post your photo here in the comments or on social media with the hashtag #HonorThroughAction and tag @USAA
  • You can download this Zoom background here to share you love for Veterans in all of your virtual meetings today!

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Thank you Veterans!