I totally agree. I've been a member since I was born, and with Obama care and the AFA, many employers are changing their health insurance coverage to HDHPs. Obviously, this requires setting up an HSA account. So, naturally, my first choice was to fall back to USAA. How disappointing to find out you do not offer these accounts. I'd rather keep all my accounts with USAA. This seems a no brainer product just like the USAA Bank products, IMCO products, LIFECO products, etc.  No different than a 401k contribution. (There is a IRS publication on that as well.) Seems like USAA is missing out on a huge trend and a new service for the members. So unfortunate.


I agree with you.   I need to get an HSA also and want to get one with a company I completely trust and can simplify the process for me.   Very disappointing to see USAA doesn't have one.

Ditto = dissapointing & concerning

+1.  I made similar comments under the "Is an HSA Right For Me?" article, here on USAA's website.   Why no HSA USAA?

I too wish USAA offered an HSA account and prefer it allowed USAA investments. I have, for me, a substantial balance that I don't plan to access for several years and would like to invest the bulk of it in long term growth. Please meet the needs of members. Thank you

Just got off the phone with mybenefitwallet.com (BNY Mellon) and I am done with them..  4 weeks a payment has been processing and their systems have been down for over 48 hours so no one can help push it through..  USAA get into the HSA business!!  I will be the first to transfer funds..

I would like an HSA as well.  I am going to open one for 2015 with another bank.

I'm shocked and disappointed that USAA does not offer an HSA.  We are loyal USAA long-term members and really woudl like to see this provided by USAA.