Hi - please let me start by saying i love USAA - I have been a member for 40 years! 

I booked a grand cruise through the Explore Cruise and Travel department offered and endorsed by USAA.  The cruise alone cost over $14,000 (plus air, hotels, etc. etc.)  I booked it since one of the incentives offered was a promotion to receive a "7 day resort certificate to use within one year at any Pueblo Bonio Resort in Cancun, Cabo, etc." - after weeks of calling, etc. they finally "posted" a certificate to my Explore account - but it is WRONG and not what was promised.  It's for a crummy place in Matzatlan (which I would never pick) and it's only good for next month!

I called customer service, and the number on the info page - was placed on hold for 20 minutes then got hung up on, etc.  I am so frustrated - I work full time and have wasted over 30 minutes on this!

I need help with 1) getting the promised and proper certificate posted to my account so I can book a trip - well in advance since I have to take vacation and arrange with my family and work. 2) get the proper attention and be treated with respect (Unlike "David" in the Customer Service Department for the Resort Booking")

Please review and contact me - thank you so much!





I regret this has been your experience and can understand your frustration. Your membership is very important to us and I want to help any way possible. I have made contact with my colleagues at Explore Cruise and Travel and provided them with your concerns.  Please allow at least a business day (if not sooner) for a call.  Thank you for reaching out. - Ina