Out of curiosity I decided to see what others thought of USAA. I have to agree with everyone, the personnel we talk to about problems are outstanding!! That is a problem. The fact I have to call upon these great people about problems with the (automated) service in the first place. I have been with USAA for almost 30 years in my recollection, although they seem to think it’s like 10 years. Agreeably the service has gone the way of big business and is nickel and diming soldiers with business expenses. The great offerings, to again soldiers are subcontracted out under the umbrella of USAA. They offer everything, to our again great servicemen and women but take a slice of the pie and pass on responsibility to other companies. I have had loans early on with USAA at great rates, recently they offer no better than a small decrease in rates to have your payment drawn from your account. Any company offers this. I could go on about the MANY security stoppages on all my cards just when you need them the most, about the poor loans rates, my constant increase in home insurance with significant decline in coverage's (the question is what is covered?) The decline in auto coverage's, I had free windshield replacement in the past, Now safelight calls USAA for a quote and now I have filed a claim!, the six months non response’s to my life insurance application, the candid conversation with the CEO’s personnel concerns, The significant reduction in dividends (which I can only get back six months after leaving USAA), But I can never say I have ever been unhappy talking with a representative. They like soldiers are the backbone of this company! I am very sorry to say the thing that bothers me the most is “USAA is now singling out soldiers to make money on”. Their no office, over the phone customer service suits military life. That is why their representatives are so good. Look hard at how things have changed at USAA. Demand better from them! SGM


Can't speak for anyone else but after 30 years as a member  I'm pulling all my business away from USAA due to extremely poor customer service. Their rates are higher than elsewhere and I figured this was the price for better service but now I'm not so sure.   I have repeatedly benn put on hold for 30 minutes or more while waiting for "another department".  I've been trying to close a credit account in my deceased father's name and they won't even speak with me even though I'm the executor.  My son, who is active duty Navy, has been sharing his experiences of getting nickled and dimed to death on his mortage and other banking transactions.   Yep, you read that correctly, a three generation family of customers and we're all pulling up stakes for other providers.    By the way, if USAA would like to call me to discuss any of this my member number is xxxxxxxxx  (for now).

Dear Erie,

I wanted to let you know I have escalated your feedback and a member service representative will be in touch to speak with your personally. Thank you for taking the time to post