Im looking for some advice. There was a lien on my checking account and I was given a number to call. I spoke to the child support services and was told that VA benifits are exempt from being garnished. They msiled me a form which I mailed back with supporting documents. For some reason the funds was still removed from my account. I spoke to a USAA representative this morning and they told me I needed to fax USAA some supporting documents they requested and that the funds would be reinstated. I faxed the documents and called back. The second representative told me that they see the ocuments but theres nothing they can do. This really concerns me because those funds is how I pay rent and bills and now I have no way of doing so. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hey there Rocky1213, we appreciate your post regarding the child support and understand your urgent concern. I have sent you a message on with further information. Please login to review at your convenience. Thank you for the message. ~Jen