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Who can I write/Email at USAA about their reprehensible support of Fox news. I'm totally disgusted with the recent comments of Carlson regarding senior military leadership. If USAA continues to support this couardly creature with their advertising dollars, I'm pulling out of USAA after 50 years of membership and I don't really care if it costs me more.


I can't find an appropriate Email/mailing address for anyone in a position of authority at USAA....but then again they probably don't really want to hear from their consumers.

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Good bye!

I would also like to find an email to contact the corporate governance of USAA to express my disgust that USAA gives substantial amounts of money to a traitorous, phony news organization like Fox News. The attacks on General Milley by a cowardly fascist puppet are beyond reprehensible.

Tucker Carlson is a hero who bravely takes a stand against powerful people who villify Americans based upon their skin color.


Hooray for Tucker!

Gen. Milley and our women in the military are true heroes.   Tucker Carlson is a punk who disrepected them.   Why is USAA supporting those attacks by financially supporting his show?

Gen Miley is overweight and worhtless.  Anyone who defends him isn't worth dealing with.

Logged onto USAA today to voice my disgust for the company's financial support for Fox News and especially Tucker Carlson-- and was gratified to see so many members here with the same message. We're a three-generation USAA family. Advertising support for the likes of Carlson stands in stark ugly contrast with everything USAA puports to support and be at the company's core mission. We've invested a lot of $$ into USAA and understand that it is, of course, a business. However, it's a business that presents itself as having a moral core with support of those who served as its North Star. Continued advertising support for Tucker Carlson is an affront to those principles and the people who the company claims to serve. LIke others posting here, I cannot condone my indirect support of Tucker Carlson by my continued business with USAA. The company has an opportunity to return to mission and principles before the current advertising choices become a burden.

Two sides to a proper response.  1.   In order to be fair to the breadth of viewers, USAA must advertize with agenxies on both sides.    So if USAA is going to advertize on TV and radio, it's only fair they spend those adveetizing dolars on Fox and actual news agencies.    It isn't USAA management's responsibility to determine which side of issues are "right and proper".    USAA management most likely understands that Schmucker Carlson and the pinheads there exist only to lie in order to pander to the type who wants to hear and see the Bravo Sierra spread there.   You know.....the ones who say there was no attack on the capitol...only true patriots expressing free speech while non-Trump supporters, the FBI, and other government agencies instigated violence....again, you know.....true idiots and unAmericans.    2.   I agree with you on sooooo many levels.   I support fully pulling every penny from Fox; but pull every penny from CNN and all real news agencies.    One exception: PBS because they are listed as the top tier, nonpartizan news agency.      Don't forget that USAA doesn't advertize specifically on Schmucker's show....they have the contract with Fox.   It's Fox that apportions funds to the shows that reap them their best return; and Schmucker is the favorite show of the mentally challenged/US-hating underbelly of the pig.      Case in point: he "interviewed" the retired Navy Officer twice: one of the 11 charged under 18 US Code for Sedition Conspiracy; even allowed his wife to hold up a handwritten sign begging for donations for his legal and orher expenses.    If gulty, the traitorous Navy retiree [possibly even a USAA member] he stands to lose all retirement and VA benefits under Title 38 [a veteran or still-serving member of the armed forces found guilty of sedition].      

Fox News is a heck of a lot better than CNN and MSNBC.   They just tell lies and everything is racist.   They would probably say If I drink Sprite its racist.

There are dumb statements, and then there are reeeellllllyyyy dumb statements.   Congratulations: you just set the bar a little higher on the dumb scale.     You don't even know what news agencies produce, most likely, because it appears you are one of the "not enquiring minds" who listen to Fox and/or online media for factual updates.    Personally, I keep my truck radio tuned to fM104.3: the local fox affiliate [which makes my wife quite angry, when she gets in and hears a Fox talking head].    Why you ask?    Simple.    As a 30 year soldier, I learned to study the enemy.   And since Fox is a longstanding supporter of hatred, divisiveness, and even support for insurgency and sedition, where else could I go to study the mindset of "enemy domestic"?  But even I can't bring myself to listen to OAN and that tripe.    

I'd like the same information too.  I want the Board of Directors and CEO to know how disgusting it is to support a white supremacist like Tucker Carlson and his hate inspiring show.  He seeks to divide the USA, not unite it.  I find it totally disgusting that the Association I've been a member of for 38 yrs supports this trash and hate inspiring commentator. Try as I might, I can't understand why my highly respected Association would support this person with advertising dollars. It would be my great relief to see USAA cease all association with this person. I would also like to send this comment to the CEO so that he knows how myself and many of my friends who are long-time USAA members, feel about the hate and disrespect this commentator spews forth. Please stop advertising with him immediately!

Couldn't agree more. USAA's value are better than Fox and Carlson. I have been a happy USAA customer for 30 years and would definitely consider going elsewhere if USAA continues to support Carlson.

Please go somewhere else.  How about Milley's favorite spot.....Chinner.

It is obvious that this fake arranged campaign to remove Tucker Carlson is one of the latest attempts of the woke controlled media. As a proud member of USAA for over 50 years, I will continue to support USAA and my choice of watching Tucker Carlson for unbiased, real news. I don’t need the woke mob to tell me how to live my life.

I always enjoy a good chuckle...and an outright laugh is that much better.   Your comment is a source of much laughter: "watching Tucker Carlson for unbiased, real news".  To quote Schmucker Carlson's lawyers [provided by Fox], no one with any intelligence or desire for factual news reporting would go to Schmucker; because he isn't reporting facts, only opinions desired by the reader/listener.   That was in a defamation lawsuit against Schmucker.  Got better when the judge agreed with them, and threw out the case.   So you just labeled yourself as unintelligent, and not desiring factual "news".   Keep it up.    Please!   Anything funny these days is invaluable.   

You're joking...right???   Schmucker Carlson does not provide facts, nor true information.   How do we know that?   He and his Fox-provided attornies made that a public record in court.    Now called "the Flox defense", his legal team fought a defamation case by stating no reasonable person would believe anything he says on his show.   And since no reasonable person would believe him, no one can be injured by anything he says.   Furthermore, that his show is for entertainment purposes, not a news program.   The judge agreed.   The case went against the person making the complaint.   A judge, stating from the bench, that Schmucker Carlson is not a source to be believed, pretty much made it official.   No reasonable person should believe anything drooling from his mouth.   Incidently: Schmucker isn't the only person to use that defense.   Lawyer Sydney Powell did the same.   And now she's facing disbarment for her actions.   

Agreed 100%!!! No one but God tells me how to live my life. I am proud to see USAA advertising on the Fox channels and I have a plethora of veteran & active mitary buddies who agree. Some of whom were on the fence about my recommendations in regards to joining USAA. They are now proud members after seeing the advertising during Tuckers show!

Tucker Carlson is an opinion show, NOT news; if you choose to watch news on Fox, watch Bret Baier, among others.  Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham, Pirro, etc., are opinion shows.  Fox's own lawyers state "no reasonable person would believe [Tucker's words]."

For those unaware, it is NOT some obvious campaing to remove Carlson. The courts have already ruled that no reasonable person can be expected to believe anything Carlson says.  That old boomer is just stuck in his/her ways and has been spoon fed conservative thought their whole life.


What is happening here is the Carlson has called the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff a "Pig" and "Stupid" in lockstep with Matt Gaetz, the man under investigation for... indecent assault of a minor.


The General was discussing Critical Race Theory (CRT) and how it's taught in the military academies.  CRT has been around for over 40 years and is generally not taught as a class, but a segment of variouis sociology classes.  It does NOT try to make people feel guilty.  It simply examines instituional racism that lingers, especially from long past decisions.  


An example.  A white man directly after The Great Depression gets a loan to start a business, while a black man is rejected for a loan by policies that we now recognize as being fundamentally racist.  The white man goes on to make his business and elevates his family's socio-economic position.  Those effects are felt all the way through his grandkids and beyond as he was able to afford to live in better neighborhoods and send his kids to better schools.  While, the black man who was was rejected, now has a much harder time elevating his family.


CRT isn't about making the grandkids feel guilty or ashamed for their position.  It's there to understand how we got here and what we can do to help those who have been systemically oppressed.  And nobody is talking about doing this at the expense of anyone else.


The General is right.  We should always strive for understanding of where we are and how we got here.  He should not be berated for intellectual honesty.  And CRT should not be politicized into the next "voting rights for black men", "voting rights for women", "same sex marrage", etc.  It's artificial outrage for something that these yokels don't even understand.


USAA needs to drop support of Fox and especially of Carlson as we do not want to indrectly support intellectual dishonesty and wildy rude and disrespectful attacks against our serving women and men.  Especially someone with General Milley's long and prestigious record of public service.


Excellent response, SgtDoodle.


SgtDoodle, so well stated! You really hit the nail on the head:)