Who can I write/Email at USAA about their reprehensible support of Fox news. I'm totally disgusted with the recent comments of Carlson regarding senior military leadership. If USAA continues to support this couardly creature with their advertising dollars, I'm pulling out of USAA after 50 years of membership and I don't really care if it costs me more.


I can't find an appropriate Email/mailing address for anyone in a position of authority at USAA....but then again they probably don't really want to hear from their consumers.


It is time for USAA to stop supporting Tucker Carlson and Fox news or time for me to move my business.

It's reprehensible how Fox News and particularly Tucker Carlson speak of the military.  Time to cut ties, USAA.

I have been a USAA client for many, many years.  If they don't stop advertising on FOX News, I will be forced to switch to another company.  You should be ashamed that you support those clowns that continue to bash the military.  Hope you remember that without us, there would be no USA let alone USAA. 

Agreed, USAA's support of Fox News and Tucker Carlson are unacceptable.  USAA is a great company that supports military and their families.


I am a proud US Military veteran and a patriot.  The views expressed by Tucker Carlson and by association Fox News do not value or represent the US Military. This rhetoric is caustic and divisive to this country.  General Milley is fine human and distinguished general.  Seeking to better understand our world and relationships is in the best interest of our country.  


I cannot support an organization that supports the weakening of our country through divisive rhetoric.  Please rethink your support of Fox News.  There are plenty of insurance companies.

General Milley distinguished himself as unfit for military service.

Couldn't agree more. USAA's value are better than Fox and Carlson. I have been a happy USAA customer for 30 years and would definitely consider going elsewhere if USAA continues to support Carlson.

It is obvious that this fake arranged campaign to remove Tucker Carlson is one of the latest attempts of the woke controlled media. As a proud member of USAA for over 50 years, I will continue to support USAA and my choice of watching Tucker Carlson for unbiased, real news. I don’t need the woke mob to tell me how to live my life.

For those unaware, it is NOT some obvious campaing to remove Carlson. The courts have already ruled that no reasonable person can be expected to believe anything Carlson says.  That old boomer is just stuck in his/her ways and has been spoon fed conservative thought their whole life.


What is happening here is the Carlson has called the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff a "Pig" and "Stupid" in lockstep with Matt Gaetz, the man under investigation for... indecent assault of a minor.


The General was discussing Critical Race Theory (CRT) and how it's taught in the military academies.  CRT has been around for over 40 years and is generally not taught as a class, but a segment of variouis sociology classes.  It does NOT try to make people feel guilty.  It simply examines instituional racism that lingers, especially from long past decisions.  


An example.  A white man directly after The Great Depression gets a loan to start a business, while a black man is rejected for a loan by policies that we now recognize as being fundamentally racist.  The white man goes on to make his business and elevates his family's socio-economic position.  Those effects are felt all the way through his grandkids and beyond as he was able to afford to live in better neighborhoods and send his kids to better schools.  While, the black man who was was rejected, now has a much harder time elevating his family.


CRT isn't about making the grandkids feel guilty or ashamed for their position.  It's there to understand how we got here and what we can do to help those who have been systemically oppressed.  And nobody is talking about doing this at the expense of anyone else.


The General is right.  We should always strive for understanding of where we are and how we got here.  He should not be berated for intellectual honesty.  And CRT should not be politicized into the next "voting rights for black men", "voting rights for women", "same sex marrage", etc.  It's artificial outrage for something that these yokels don't even understand.


USAA needs to drop support of Fox and especially of Carlson as we do not want to indrectly support intellectual dishonesty and wildy rude and disrespectful attacks against our serving women and men.  Especially someone with General Milley's long and prestigious record of public service.


SgtDoodle, so well stated! You really hit the nail on the head:)