I've long appreciated the USAA feature of providing me a rebate on any ATM fees I may incur.  With so many members serving or traveling in foreign countries it would sure be nice if USAA had no foreign transaction fees.  I've been using my PENFED credit union card instead because they don't impose this fee on me.  Come on USAA, you're as good as, better even, than they are.  Bring this up as an action item at your next Board meeting and serve your members even better.


I agree. I understand the need to generate fee income but for me these fees would be enormous if I were to use my USAA card overseas. I use a Capital One card instead

I get a refund on all my foreign transaction charges. If you're a service member (I think dependents can get it too) who is stationed overseas, all you have to do is send USAA a copy of your orders and they will start refunding all your foreign transaction charges. When I did it, they also refunded those they had already charged me.

Be very careful in checking your bills.  The policy is only good for a year independent of your orders length and they don't notify you when it ends.  Also check ALL your accounts.  Just found out for the year I was suppose to be FTF free they were charging me ATM FTFs that don't show up on your bank staement except for one line at the bottom. Not cool USAA, not cool. 

That's very good news Myerovitch.  Congrats!  Now, I wonder if this would also apply to those of us who, after the Service and after we had been USAA members for some years already, then joined the U.S. Foreign Service and worked overseas for the Department of State until retirement. D'you have any thoughts on this or advice to offer on whom to check with at USAA?

Concur as a long-time USAA member. We appreciate the ATM fee rebate when we are out of the country (Mexico for the winters). Please continue the excellent service to your members while continuing the ATM rebate program.


We also use another banks credit card because of the USAA 1%? foreign transaction fee. We would prefer to use our USAA card(s) for ALL banking business.


We still LOVE USAA but.......

Just yesterday my wife and I started to choose which PenFed card to use overseas. We will keep the USAA Mastercard but not for overseas use.