I have to say that my husband and I have been disappointed lately.  Watching the NFL championships, AFC and NFC, both had USAA commercials.  We are baffled by the fact that our USAA non profit is advertising during some of the most expensive times on TV.  This was on top of seeing they are also sponsoring the Pro Bowl?  We have been members for over 19 years now and our dividend checks have become smaller or even non existent. Yet they have money enough to advertise during thsoe time periods and sponsor the pro bowl?!?  What is going ton?  They do need to advertise, especially during those time periods.  Very disappointed in USAA.  What is the need for these expensive ads?  Send that money back to us, the military folks could use that money.


Dear AF Spouse,

Members who love USAA often find it hard to believe that not everyone knows about USAA. What is even more surprising is the number of members who are unfamiliar with the many ways USAA can help facilitate their financial security. National advertising is one of the most efficient ways to introduce USAA to newly eligible veterans and to communicate to members. By helping grow membership, advertising actually improves USAA’s financial strength and help the company maintain highly competitive rates. USAA takes the utmost care to spend money responsibly. This is why USAA spends at minimum threshold levels on media targeted exclusively towards the military community. As a result, USAA is serving those who have earned membership more completely than ever before.


I hope this helped address your concerns. Thank you for taking the time to post here int he community, we look forward to your continued participation!


AF Spouse; You are absolutely right to be concerned/upset over USAA's marketing practices. I've been complaining for a long time as someone who is very familiar with the way it really works.  Briana is spouting the company line as she is paid to do and absolutey knows full well EVERYONE eligible for USAA products and services is very aware of that fact!  The company executives and their families are entertained at these high profile sporting events and that is why USAA marketing dept chooses to spend so much money on such venues. Sad but absolutely true!

Do yourself a favor and head to Navy Federal..USAA isn't what it used to be.

Hi RMF2,


We would like to get a representative in contact with you to assist. Could you please let us know more about your issue? Thank you.