USAA is no longer your father's USAA.


I have a flood claim filed and I have flood insurance.  I have been getting the run around from the USAA guys since I filed the claim.   As part of the claim, the flood specialist field adjuster came out to inspect the property and said "hey you have a walk-out and not a basement per the  definition of basement" and told us he was going to let USAA know so they could adjust the claim accordingly as the coverage is drastically different.


The USAA underwriting team is now claiming its basement and not a walkout.  The USAA folks seem to have decided to add some additional caveats to the the definition of basement above beyond the definition of a basement in the flood policy.  


I called my USAA representative for an explanation and he said underwriting says its basement. So I asked to speak to underwriting, and he didnt' know how to contact underwriting and transferred me.  This resulted in me getting transferred multiple times and winding up back right where I started.  


So needless to say - at this point I don't have anything good to say about my experience with USAA on this claim.  And the website is useless.  I have entered info into the "claims communications center" and it seems to fall onto deaf ears.  The only way to get any attention is to hit the "thumbs down".  


The whole thing feels like a bait & switch.


Dear MjT1,

I am so sorry to hear about the damage to your home. I have passed your comments along to one of our claims specialist who will reach out if they can further assist you.

Thank you for posting.