I have been a member with Usaa for ten years now, my father is a retired veteran of 22 years and was a previoue banker of USAA. Up until recently Usaa was an awesome place to bank and have insurance with.. but the treatment I have received has been disrespectful and the communication is by far the worse. Usaa refused to renew my auto insurance because they did not want to do business with my parents. After having my parents on my policy for over two years they send me a letter pentalizing me...stating my insurance would be cancelled. For two months now I have been back and forth with Usaa with regards to this issue...I have lodge numerous complaints including any today... And have been denied the opportunity to speak to the hire ups...I have even been hung up on. Today I spoke with Carmen in the underwriting department to see what was needed in order to renew my.insurance ....she tells me and then I ask her if there was any other option...she tells me no and then her tone of voice begins to change to a rude one....at this point I am even more frustrated with this conversation. I am trying to obtain answers as to why I had to wait almost a month for speak to under writing and why my concerns are not being addressed, instead of addressing my concerns she proceeds to say the samething over and over...basically ignoring my issues. Yet again I address my issue ..
Especially about the lack of communication, she states she highly doubts that there has been bad communication on their end and bottom line is what they need isn't going to change. At that point I am.livid with her treatment and request for a hire up to contact me, which I am sure they won't as they never do. This has been an on going battle...underwriting is aweful, some people in the auto insurance department are just as bad and I am highly disgusted and irritated with Usaa ...so let's see if this issue gets addressed


Sounds like you are not listening. Why don't they want to do business with your parents? They have the right not to.
Also, it's "higher" ups.
I don't need you to correct me ...she wasn't listening and this isn't your concern, I am addressing Usaa. I know this is a public forum but you do not know the entire situation it is too much to post, however I am looking for a response from USAA. Thank you for your input but it is not needed. Have a wonderful day ☺