Not sure if anyone is going to read this or response but I though I would give it a try anyway. My wife and I recently PCSed from Germany to New Jersey and since we've been members of USAA for over 30 years we naturally turned to USAA to aid us in finding a house to buy; realty program, mortgage and insurance.To say that we are disappointed in the level of service and professionalism would be an understatement. We fired the realtors because they were not following our instructions, weren't providing us with proper area advice and we were finding the houses on line for us to see. The mortgage process has been confusing and the agents keep asking for the same information over and over while not updating the paperwork we have to provide to our new realtor and attorney or to the sellers team. And the insurance side does not even cover houses in the area we were looking in which would have nice to know before I wasted time trying to set it up. USAA touts itself as a one stop full service organization for its members but its not performing up to our expeectations and after 30+ years of loyal membership we're questioning the company's committment to excellence. 




We recognize the seriousness of this matter. This is not the type of experience we want for our members attempting to obtain a mortgage loan. I have escalated your concerns to a colleague in the mortgage area who will reach out to discuss them further with you. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. Thank you. -Gus