I've just starting connecting with Sheena from Explore Cruise and Travel and it has been a pleasant experience so far. She was very friendly and helpful in outlining the options for the Flexilbe Vacation Package, the Quarterly Specials, etc. I think what I liked most was that she stressed that I can contact her directly to work out the planning for my honeymoon and future trips. There are a ton of options now to choose from so my fiance and I will be relying on her to help narrow down where we'll be going! We're excited to book our first of 3 trips we have through our deal!



First of all, congratulations on your upcoming marriage! What an exciting time. I am pleased to hear your experience with Explore Cruise and Travel has been so pleasant. With so much planning for the wedding, having Sheena available for you directly to help with the honeymoon plans will take some stress away. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Best wishes!