I signed up for the Explore Cruise and Travel Program in July of 2016. I figured that since the program is through USAA I could plan a no hassle vacation for my family and I, but that turned out not to be the case. After paying 2000.00 for a resort package, I discovered that most of the resorts that were listed on the site were rated three stars or less and were time shares. The travel program has stated that it is too late to receive a full refund and that I need to submit any further complaints through USAA. I have made my initial complaints through USAA, however, all they have done is refer my issue back to the travel program. I have discovered numerous complaints against this program by other USAA members and it appears that their concerns have fallen on deaf ears. If you have also been duped by the Explore Cruise and Travel program and would be interested in joining a class action lawsuit angainst USAA, please leave a response here. I will post my contact info shortly.