What is the best way for military spouses to find employment in their field?


From my experience, you simply have to get out there on employment sites, just like other job seekers. Maintaining a steady career has been my biggest challenge in my 9.5 years as an Army wife. I had a great 7-year career serving as an Army civilian public affairs officer through a couple of PCSes, but our last PCS brought no available Army jobs in my field, 6 months of being unemployed, and finally landing a communications-related job...at HALF of my old salary. 


It's a tough job market right now, and as a military spouse, you'll find employers who simply aren't interested in you because "you'll be leaving soon." But, there are plenty of other employers who would LOVE to have you on their team, simply because they know that many of us try to prove the nay-saying employers wrong, and work harder than any other person on our team. Sure, we may only be on the team for 2 years, but it'll be 2 GREAT years. 


Here's a great resource to dealing with some of the questions you, as a milspouse, might field during an interview: http://www.semidelicatebalance.com/2013/11/06/answers-tough-interview-questions-military-spouses/.


There are also several milspouse career organizations out there that can share other employment ideas -- I just joined In Gear Career and hope to help start a chapter here at Fort Bliss soon.


Good luck!




Try the family center or Red Cross :).

Thanks to the both of you, Emily and Lauren. I'm truly sorry for the delay. It has been rough, but I have proven that you can't keep a good dog down. I will try both of your advice. Be blessed and thanks again.