I have a question.


What if an Academy Cadet Graduates from the US Air Force Academy, but is honorably discharged (as a cadet) before being commissioned? 


They already have insurance throught USAA, as well as a checking, savings and career starting loan that they've been consistantly making on time payments on.


1. Does their eligibility change? 

2. Does their interest rate on their loan change?




Thanks for posting to the Community, airangel. I've sent your inquiry into our Subject Matter Expert for research and will follow up with you once we have the information to share. Please allow sufficient time for the research to be completed. - Cathleen

Can you please post an answer to this?

RogFromTheGarage - As eligibility is personal, and circumstances vary, we would not post an answer directly to the page. If you have any questions about your information, we can have someone contact you for help. Thanks, Jason