If your spouse is active duty please don't do like me in start school after he retires.. Please get your education, I used every excuse from having the children to being a support system for my husband. So while you have the chance please think of yourself and get your college degree. Now 5 yrs after my husband's retirement I am getting my education. And I feel so good about it.. Is is never to late I am 41.


Dear WSBG: Congratulations on your pursuit of a degree! No doubt, the challenges seen during active-duty make it tough to juggle family and and education. I heard about another Student recently and I thought about returning to school myself. According to Fort Hays State University in Kansas there's a Student by the name of Nola Ochs: Nola's good to go. She has passed her comprehensive finals and turned in her 50-page research paper and will graduate Fort Hays State University with her Master of Liberal Studies in history on May 15. She is 98. Nobody on campus uses her last name, Ochs, pronounced OHsh. Everybody knows who Nola is -- the oldest person ever to graduate with a bachelor's degree. Soon, of course, she will be the oldest person ever to graduate with a master's degree. The application for Guinness recognition is in the works. You're right WSBG! It is never too late to get an education! All the best and continued success in your studies!
Thank You for your encouraging e-mail. I am 53 lost mostly everything and supporting my husband with the lose of his government job. Thank God we have our retirement and a descent Hotel ( a roof over our heads). I always had fear of returning to school. I realized now due to my ADD mindset I took control and received help and now will be attending. Hard part what to study, but I am encouraged, I have lived with much and know that I can live with little. Hope full to start with a new journey with an attitude God, Family Marine Corps.
Hey Brothers and Sisters, I retired in 2006 from 24 years in the navy. I was driving about 75 miles round trip to the Debakey VA Hospital from my home. I remarried in 2010, and finally got Uniformed Services Health Plan that went active on Jan 01/2012 for my wife, her son, our daughter, and me. My wife was under a different health program until recently, which gave her some of the best specialist doctors in Houston. I found out two days ago that she can keep all of her old specialist doctors! If you go to the individual hospital website, they each have a list of all accepted insurance plans. US Family Health Plan for Memorial Herman, for instance; Uniformed Services Family Health Plan for UT Doctors downtown as another example. We also have a nice Primary care doctor for both of us at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital only 3 miiles for our home. We are very happy and amazed by this program and it's effects on our family. I set up direct payment from my retirement for this. $12 co-pays for my Catscan, and my other tests. There were no dis-allowments for my wife's pace maker, nor any other prior conditions. We adopted a 3 year old daughter together, and she will be on our plan soon when I can take her to Deers and get her registered on my Page 2s.