Drop Fox News & Tucker, and we'll drop USAA

Fox News and Tucker Carlson have justly and fervently condemned racist rhetoric in the military. USAA should continue to advertise on this network. If USAA drops Fox & Tucker, then we'll drop USAA.

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Tucker is a fervent military supporter & as a vet... I can say I have never heard him be offensive towards true military. The military that my grandfathers, father, numerous uncles & myself served in (& my son is currently serving in) knows no color, only brothers and sisters. We vehemently oppose any racism and are disappointed & ashamed to see the military becoming a pawn in this administrations divisive rhetoric about racism. They are tearing this country apart from the inside out.

Tucker Carlson is NOT a fervent military supporter.   He's a coward who's never served in our armed forced but who has the audacity of calling a real hero like Gen. Milley a "stupid pig".   I'm not sure what you mean by "true military", but I'm sure that Gen. Milley is the real deal while Mr. Carlson is a fake patriot.   Also, please note that the military wasn't integrated until 1948.


USAA needs to make a decision and either support our troops and our military leadership, or support Mr. Carlson's attacks on our military.

I agree. This guy is a uninformed jerk who has never served and doesn't have a clue. He and Fox News as a whole are trash talking liars and disrespectful of anything decent in this country. Who's idea was it to advertise on Fox? Check yourself USAA . We who served our country do not deserve the disrespect Fox is dishing out.
AF_CPA definitely should drop USAA because we do not need ignorant partisans as part of our community. Tucker Carlson attacked the mere fact of military members being open to discussion of issues that impact the society we are sworn to defend.
You and USAA ought to be ashamed, but on of the biggest problems with this country is a lack of shame. How is it a good idea to support a racist who is tearing this country apart? Do you really think Tucker Carlson is a unifying force in this country. If USAA does not divest from Tucker, I will divest from USAA.

I saw this the other day in the UK Daily Mail: "Dismantling Racism (is a) mathematics' program funded by Bill Gates which tells teachers NOT to push students to find the correct answer because it promotes white supremacy. " Is there more obvious proof of "systemic racism" than this? The “movements” that USAA now supports (one has to love privileged white "social justice” activists) think black people are so inferior that black children can't even be expected to learn arithmetic. Does it really advance people by telling them for generations that they are deficient? Back in the days of slavery the "enlightened" slave owners believed their chattel were educable; the modern leftists- especially rich ones like those of the USAA elite- hardly believe even that.