Long time member..... not anymore customer service is the worst on the banking side I am getting all of my family member to leave the banking side and as many people as I can. Not a Caring person there any more they talk down to you and wait times well your battery on you phone will go dead before you can talk to a supervisor.and they talk to you like your a child.



I, personnally, can't stand the current USAA comercials claiming "service" to service members. I had auto insurance with USAA for 15 years and, after 3 claims within a 2 year period, I received a cancellation letter. The claims were all minor, but my years of membership were, obviously, worthless. They claim on the current commercials to be committed to service to military members, but my experience was quite the opposite. I now outwordly warn all that I encounter to avoid USAA.

I got one better than that.  USAA denied my claim for hail damage to my roof and stuck me with a $4700. bill.  I have since switched insurance carriers. So much for being a veteran!

I've had the worst experiance with a bank I've been a member of for years. My family is also members. I was refered to them by my sister. But I had gotten a resolution months ago. Back in August, people commited fraude and pulled their checks for services I rendered. I got USAA involved, their legal team talked with the other bank and I was given back my money. The uSAA staff told me it was taken care of. Then suddenly months later on Dec 31st, magically those charges are back and all the on-line email records are suddenly missing. Why don't they let you access old emails to the bank? They deleted them without my permission and now I have no proof on my end that they resolved it. They claim this is my problem and suspended my accounts. I had hoped that after they resolved this last time, but I guess that was a lie. They proved they are worst company. The staff just talk me down and refuse to resolve this telling me to just take those people to court. Great, thanks for nothing.

Dear worstbank4ever: Please email us at socialmedia@usaa.com with your member number and the best way to reach you, we hope to get someone in contact with you in order to work out the charges and online email records issues . Thank you.

Recency Bias:  Assuming that what occured in the recent past will occur in the future.


It applies to all of human behavior and it applies to USAA also.  THIS IS NOT YOUR FATHERS OLDSMOBILE, as the commerical says.


Decades ago USAA was the cream de la creme.  A top notch, member focused, organization.  After  the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 and the drawdown of the US military, USAA saw it's membership base decline and decided to open it up to more than just officers and their families. TO GENERATE MORE PROFITS.  In other words they became a company focused on not what their charter was, and support to the members, but on corporate profits.  Since that time it has become a different animal, a slime bag insurance company.  Yet some of us still think it's the same company, IT"S NOT!


I too sang the USAA song to anyone and everyone I met. Until my daughter got hit by a drunk driver, who had no insurance.  She was on the side of the road, helping an accident victim when the drunk driver crashed into her car which then crashed into her.  She suffered severe brain trauma which affects her ability to function normally to this day.  We had to fight like the dickens to get USAA to pay anything (they were responsible under the uninsured motorist provision).  And what they settled  for was ludicrous considering the permanent brain damage inflicted.  HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. It would never have happened like this in the 70's or 80's.


Just another corporate profit making machine these days!!!! The customer is just a cow ready to be milked.


If you think USAA is the same company you had years ago you are sadly uninformed!



A forty year "member"


I trusted them. Next time I get a lawyer.

Dear Wolf359: Please email us at socialmedia@usaa.com with your member number and the best way to reach you, we hope to get someone in contact with you in order to work out the Customer Service issues . Thank you.