My wife and I just returned from a Carnival Cruise. The cruise was supposed to go to Bermuda but because of Joaquin our destination was changed by Carnival. I accept that it was a safety issue but the cruise we were given if booked by choice would have cost a lot less than the Bermuda cruise, hundreds less. There was only a discount offered for future SELECT cruises and no compensation for the money already spent. I was annoyed but no too bad because I had purchased the travel insurance offered through USAA by Travel Insured. When I contacted them today, John told me that the Itinerary Change coverage didn't apply, it would only cover if we had booked excursions that were non refundable. So a change in cruise travel itinerary is not a change according to them! So I repeat, DONT BUY THE TRAVEL INSURANCE, ITS A SCAM.


Hi Pops 2,

Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded your comments to a product specialist familiar with the travel insurance program for further research and review. Thank you.

I, also, have recently purchased a travel insurance policy from USAA and they made it seem that if there was an itinerary change that they would pay for it (I believe $250 or $500 depending on when the announcement is made).  It did not mention having to miss a prepaid excursion and that was cancelled elsewhere.  Sounds pretty fraudulent to me.  I am not sure why USAA would allow a vendor to use the USAA name to defraud a customer.