Does anyone know if USAa will be giving out dividends this year? If so, when should we expect it? Thanks.


If the Board votes it, it is usually dispersed mid December. At least that has been my experience.

I second that answer. You probably already know this, but you'll definitely be getting a snail mail notification as well as e-mail.  I think they also announce it in their magazine. I received mine via e-mail and skimmed it; didn't read the entire thing.

Yes we are getting them, I got the letter last month. I have learned never to rely on them because they aren't much. I have never broken 75.00 and I have a lot with them

Becca A.


Very true, one should never 'count' on it always coming. However, this is one of the things I love about USAA (the dividend). I get discounts on many products due to my membership length w/ the bank as well as the number of products I have. I agree, it's not much, however I've never heard of a bank giving money back to customers. ;)

I have been with USAA since 1981 (my dad started in 1952) and I definitely remember many years being able to count on my dividend to pay my December payment...has not happened for quite awhile now!

I wonder if Garrison members will be included this time...if not this will be the 4th year in a row that Garrison members did not receive a dividend...

Has anyone that is part of CIC received an email yet?  Last I heard they were meeting on the 6th of December to determine whether to offer dividends or not.

I received my dividend yesterday. I'm not sure why you wouldn't have gotten notice or the deposit yet.

First year I haven't seen a dividend. I've been a customer for years...